If you are looking for romantic marriage proposal ideas, then you don't need to look elsewhere. Read on to know exciting wedding proposal ideas.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage is one of the most special events in any person's life. Being with his or her soul mate is a feeling, for which everyone waits for an entire lifetime. Owing to this reason, there are numerous fantasies attached to every little activity related to wedding. Whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage, both have their own unique charm. Moreover, proposal forms an integral part of the entire process. In fact, it can be considered the fist step towards wooing the girl into the alliance. To make the task easy for you, given below are some romantic proposal ideas.
Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas
  • If you are a good cook, you can prepare a lavish dinner and set an elaborate candlelight table for a quiet romantic dinner for two, at home. You can even cater it, if your culinary skills are not that good. You can serve her a glass of champagne with the diamond ring in the bottom or ribboned to the stem, while popping the question.
  • If she is a dog lover, get her a new puppy with a ribbon for a collar. Secure the ring in the bow and let her find it. When she finally finds the ring, while cheerfully cuddling the pup, pop the question.
  • You can even have a plane sky-write your proposal. It can be planned for the day of a family picnic, boat ride or any other outing so that she surely sees it. Keep your diamond ring ready, when she sees your proposal.
  • Organize a personalized magic show for both of you. Ask the magician to make the ring box appear mysteriously, during his last trick and you subsequently pop the question.
  • Take your sweetheart to the place, where you went on your first date. Reminisce a little and then tell her about your feelings. End by popping the question and extend the ring if the answer is positive.
  • If you are proposing her on Christmas, decorate a Christmas tree with lights and only one ornament. It should be a ribbon or bow tied around a velvet ring box. Call her for Christmas celebration exclusively for the two of you. When she sees the box, tell her it's her Christmas gift and pop the question.
  • If she is sporty kinds, get your message or question displayed on the scoreboard at a professional sporting event. Have the diamond ready in a presentation box.
  • If she loves Chinese cuisine, take her at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Ask the waiter to give her a special fortune cookie with 'Will you marry me?' in it. Keep the diamond ready, while she responds.
  • If your girl loves chocolate, chocolate-dip the diamond box and place it in a box of chocolates. While she wonders what's in the largest piece of candy, pick it up and open it with flair, popping the question.
  • You can call your girl over to have some fun. Play Scrabble together and spell out 'Will you marry me?' using the plastic letters. Have the diamond close by.
  • For a tech savvy girl, create a personal web page with her name and your proposal with a picture of the diamond ring.  Send her the web address or visit the site, when both of you are together and alone.
  • Ask her out for a movie date and rent ad space for your proposal at the theater. Don’t forget to take the diamond along.
  • Take her for a surprise picnic at the beach or in the woods. Spell out 'Marry Me' with stones, flowers or seashells at the spot. Give her the diamond, when she coyly nods.

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