If the question, how to spice up my marriage, is bothering you then don't look further. Check out the ideas and ways given below to spice up your marriage.

How To Spice Up Marriage

Though, marital life seems to be a real bliss initially, it loses its charm once you have kids. Its primary reason is that, all the time and attention shifts to your children, leaving you exhausted. You are actually left with no time and energy for each other. This sets in monotony and boredom in a marriage, making it spice-less. Romance is no longer in the picture, when children and jobs become the focus in life. This is a common problem faced by all married couples.  So, if you keep asking yourself, how to spice up my marriage, we are here to provide you some vital ideas on the same. Rather than sitting and wondering, resort to some action, as there are a number of ways in which, you can set things on fire once again. Read the following lines in this article to learn about the many ways to spice up marriage.
How To Spice Up Marriage
Ideas To Spice Up Marriage
  • Stop cribbing about the state of your union. Create a strategic plan for change and write it down. Try to take initiative and understand that with time your spouse will become receptive to your changes. However, do not nag over this issue as it will make the exercise futile. Remember, change is always good as it makes a monotonous married life an interesting one.
  • Turn off the T.V. for at least 30 - 45 minutes a day and spend time with each other. This practically means spending quality time with each other, without any distractions.
  • Take out some time and go for a date as if you weren't married. Dress up, wear makeup, cologne/perfume and try to recreate the magic of early years.
  • Do nice things for each other. It does not really mean superfluous things. You can start doing little things in the house that your spouse hates to do and expects you to fix. You can send flowers or candies to your partner either at work or at home to remind how much you love him/her. Small gestures like these will surely be appreciated by your partner.
  • Make a plan to go for a 'second' honeymoon at least once a year. You can limit the time to three to five days. Visiting various countries and learning about new cultures will surely help to make your conjugal life more interesting.  In case, you can't get away, try to relax at home. The idea is to shift the focus back to each other for some time. Take a day off from work and enjoy the day together.
  • Live each day as though it were your last. Express your feelings towards your spouse, both by word of mouth and by actions. It can really work wonders to spruce up your marriage life.
  • Most importantly, take good care of yourself. Recharge your spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical batteries. For this, you can devote time to a hobby, visit some friends or just pamper yourself. When you feel good about yourself, it reflects in your relationship.
  • Try to spice up your sex life. You can perform a striptease for your partner or try to bring in some extra zest to your sex life. However, don't be forceful with your partner. Make sure the other person is ready to participate.
  • Visit karaoke bars with your partner and sing romantic songs for your loved one. 
  • Enjoy doing household activities and playing sports together, as this will keep your mind off the daily issues and reduce stress. Your marriage life will be more interesting and fun when you enjoy more time with your partner.
  • Practice communication exercises with each other as better communication will improve your marriage life. Anything you wish to discuss with your partner can be easily expressed through communication exercises.
  • Make your home more cozy and romantic by changing the ambience. You can set up appropriate lights and redesign your house to make it peaceful and comfortable for both partners.
  • Always maintain a positive attitude and inspire one another. Avoid negative thoughts and spreading negativity by worrying about issues in life, as these things will ruin your time together.
  • Create new experiences with your partner by visiting new places, performing out new activities and trying out new foods and so on.
Marriage seems interesting at first, but as time passes it becomes dull and boring. It is up to the couple to save their marriage and make things work. You should not let romance become less important in your life, as this will create problems in your marriage life. Waste no more time and spice up your marriage with these tips.

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