Given below are some ways to know that your marriage has failed. To have an idea about how do you know when your marriage is over, read on.

How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over

Most of the times, whenever a married couple decide to resort to divorce, it is usually one sided, giving the other person a shock. This is because the other person fails to witness the danger signs in his or her marriage, while the other person is constantly drifting away. This gives the other person an impression that you are not ready to work on the troubling issues and this is perhaps your way of showing indifference. On the contrary, the exact situation is that of lack of understanding. Thus, it is quite important for the partners to be aware of their marital state. They should know the ways to speculate if their marriage is over. If you are looking for ways to know that your marriage is over, read the tips given below.
How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over 
  • Spending quality time together is one of the prime requisites in a marriage. Initially, everyone wants to stay together and makes effort to find out ways to do the same. However, if the situation has changed and you feel that being alone is a better idea than being with your partner, then you should really think hard on the same.
  • Intimacy is another strong factor, which keeps a marriage alive. In case you or your partner is not interested in being intimate together, it's definitely a bad sign. Decline in physical attraction leads to lack in emotional bonding.
  • Communication is another key factor between mates. Telling your feelings to each other is a significant sign of a healthy relationship. In case it is missing, it definitely has negative implications.
  • Check out the rate of fights and conflicts between you. Though all couples fight now and then, hear the alarm bells ringing if the intensity of your fights is ever increasing, leaving both of you drained and hurt.
  • Another way for conducting the litmus test is to have a keen look at your spouse and then ask yourself what you see. In case you still feel the same admiration and love for the other person as you did in the beginning, assume things are fine. On the contrary, if you do not find your spouse charming enough and it’s a pity to be there in his or her presence, then your marriage is really going downslide.
  • Pay attention to the kind of issues you are fighting on. If the subject remains constant throughout, without much effort from each side, then it shows lack of willingness from partner’s side to work on the marriage.
  • Ask yourself whether you look for distractions from the company of your partner. Are you trying to find solace in objects like television, books, work or friends? If yes, then you surely have lost interest in your partner and marriage.
  • Are you constantly criticizing your partner or being criticized for you actions? If yes, then either your partner is too unhappy with you, because you do not experience the drive to keep him or her happy, or vice versa.
  • Negligence is another danger sign, which reiterates the fact that your marriage is in trouble. If your spouse does not feel like putting efforts on how he or she looks as well ignores the house and household activities, then it is a sure sign that he is simply not interested.

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