There can be many fun and exciting activities that can be enjoyed by the senior citizens. Check out the social activities for senior citizens given in this article.

Activities For Senior Citizens

Though the young generation has a plethora of options to enjoy themselves, old age leaves one with just a few of them. Old age can be really boring and gloomy, if not taken in the right spirits. Rather than cribbing, it is better to enjoy the dusk of your life, rejoicing the memories of the past. Though the body does not remain much active by this time, one should make sure to keep the zest for life intact. There can be a number of activities that can be enjoyed by the senior citizens, which can even help them in their health conditions. Read on to know about some fun activities for senior citizens, which can be organized for them by their children or grandchildren.
Social Activities for Senior Citizens 
  • You can hire a music band and arrange a dance party. Encourage the senior citizens to shake their bodies as far as possible. They can even rejoice the music in their chairs or twist to the beat of the music.
  • You can organize a fashion show with a theme in mind. Make them dress accordingly. Those who cannot walk the ramp can be rolled out in wheelchairs.
  • You can organize a Senior Fishing Day. Ask everyone to get their own fishing pole and bait. You can even keep prizes for the number of fish caught or the biggest catch.
  • Organize a yoga class, which will even prove to be beneficial to senior citizens. Ask them to do exercises apt for their age. However, take care and caution.
  • Organize a one-mile walk, allowing only those to participate who are capable making it.
  • Perform mental exercises, such as solving puzzles and doing mathematical calculations, without using a paper and pencil. This might help in delaying the onset of serious old age diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Ask every senior citizen to bring a photo of their childhood, especially when they were babies or teenagers. Now, taking a photo one by one, ask the others to guess whose photo is it.
  • Monthly birthday parties can also be organized. Do not focus too much on gifts. It should be organized to elevate their spirits.
  • Conduct a quiz regarding movies, songs, TV shows, actors and other categories, as per the interests of the seniors.
  • Sculpting competition is another good idea. Use the soft clay products used for children. Keep a prize for quickest sculpture created and best looking sculpture.
  • You can take them on a holiday trip to a scenic spot. Nature is the best healer of mind, body and soul.
  • You can organize a flower decoration competition. Provide the seniors with flowers, vases and scissors. After the competition, display their creations and even award the best one.
  • You can ask them to share some personal health tips with each other. Each member can speak for few minutes on different health-related issues.

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