Your self esteem needs to be constantly worked upon as it can suffer a blow by the slightest criticism. Explore the article to find some self esteem building activities and ways.

Self Esteem Building Activities

Most people think bad about themselves from time to time. That it happens to majority of us doesn’t imply that it need not be worked upon. Your feeling of low esteem may be triggered by a critical remark or being treated badly by others. Low self-esteem is a constant companion for some, who are simply too judgmental about themselves. Depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosis, delusional thinking may also accompany them as all these issues are interrelated. In case you wish to know how to build self esteem and thwart negative thoughts about yourself, read the article to find some activities to help you on the same.
Ways To Build Self Esteem
Create Affirming Lists
Making a list about your strengths and positive aspects and rereading them often will make you feel better and positive about yourself. List some of your strengths and a few things that you admire about yourself. You can also add your achievements in life and your simple accomplishments. Find inexpensive and simple ways to reward yourself for all your achievements and accomplishments. It is very important to find something in you that you can be proud of.  However, don’t let it become a reason for your arrogance as everyone is unique in some way.
Develop Positive Affirmations
Make positive affirmations and statements about yourself that make you feel good and better about yourself. Think of ways you would like to feel about yourself and make such statements to yourself. Some such positive affirmations can be:
  • I feel god about myself.
  • I am a good person.
  • There are many people who like me.
  • I spend time with people who make me feel good about myself and are nice to me.
  • I am taking good care of myself. I eat right and healthy, do exercise and do other things that I enjoy doing.  
You can also create a list of positive affirmations and keep it handy and read it whenever you feel low on confidence or indulge in self-pity. Make copies of the list and keep them at several places, so that whenever you chance upon reading it your self-esteem gets a high. You can also share the points mentioned in the list with others whenever you feel like it.
Try To Reinforce A Positive Self-Image
Instead of feeling low and demeaning yourself over some of your drawbacks, you should focus on your positives. Remember that n body is perfect and people can just strive to achieve perfection. Though there might be many things that you don’t like about yourself, you will definitely find something adorable about yourself. Your special attributes, talents and achievements are the reasons you should be confident and self-assured. Most people tend to be someone else and their self identity becomes the first casualty in the process. This can make you feel under-confident.
Read Inspirational Books
Read books that inspire and motivate you to look at yourself in a positive light. You may find many such books in stores, which will help you to cultivate self belief and self-esteem. Books can be great source of motivation and inspirational books can serve to foster positive thinking and encourage one to think and feel better about oneself. There is a whole range of inspirational books that thrust upon the fact that being judgmental about oneself brings down the self-esteem of a person. You might as well find some solution to help yourself through these books.

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