In case you are working hard and wondering how to ask for a promotion for your accomplishments, this article would prove beneficial for you. Read on to explore tips on asking for a promotion & raise.

How To Ask For A Promotion

Working hard and getting praises for accomplishments, but not being promoted? Often people find it difficult to ask for a raise. They see that their peers are being promoted and friends too are in better jobs, still the very thought of asking for a promotion and raise seems indomitable to them. Here, it will do good to remember that the business world usually works on “Ask and you shall receive”. All you need is do is to negotiate with your boss for a raise to help you to achieve your career goals. This can sometimes, improve your boss’s perception of you as well. It is also possible that asking for a promotion will help you figure out your own job performance too. Read through the following lines to explore tips on how to ask for a promotion from your boss.
Tips On Asking For A Promotion & Raise
Prepare Yourself
Note down the improvements that you have brought about, while in your current position and make copies of your latest achievements. Prepare the documents of your achievements, showing how valuable you have been to the company.
Portray Your Attitude
Apart from ability and aptitude, having the right attitude is also essential. Assure that you are being viewed by both management and co-workers as a positive-thinking individual. Consciously make an effort to be an energetic optimist.
Prove Yourself in Advance
Before you expect to get a promotion, prove yourself in your current position – as to how dedicated and hardworking you are. Build and maintain a solid reputation for yourself, in terms of responsibility, teamwork and innovative thinking, as this record will be helpful at the time of promotion.
Take an Appointment
Make an appointment with your boss in advance, to discuss your promotion. Do not go knocking at the door any time, asking for a minute of his time and expecting to have his full attention. Scheduling a block of time prior to the meeting will direct his attention to your conversation and not on any business that you might have otherwise interrupted. 
Justify Your Reasons
Ensure that you explain in length why you deserve the promotion and what you hope to achieve in the new position. Keep some solid ideas for company’s growth and improvements, and discuss in detail as to how you would want to put the plan into action.
Be a Team Player
Clearly state that the well-being of the company is your first priority and you have much to offer and contribute to the organization. Make him realize that you want to contribute your best efforts towards the company’s success.
Enlist Your Preparations
Let your boss know what preparations and steps you have taken to make yourself ready for the responsibilities of the new position. Make sure that you mention if you have taken any classes or attended any work-related seminars, since your last promotion.
Prepare Yourself for Best & Worst
In case you are denied the promotion, ask for a reason politely, if your boss has not mentioned one. Ask for steps that you can take to make yourself competent for a promotion in the future. Also, do not forget to commit to taking the necessary steps to advance your career. Sometimes, deserving candidates are sometimes not promoted since they are already at the highest possible point in the organization. In this case, it is advisable for you to apply in a larger firm, to take your career at a higher level.
Remember to Say Thanks
At the end of the meeting, ensure that you extend your hand for a handshake and thank your boss for the opportunity to talk, no matter what the outcome of the meeting is. Leave your boss with a good impression, even if you haven’t been offered a promotion. Be professional and even-tempered. In case, you have been offered the promotion, schedule up a meeting to work out the new details, if they haven’t been discussed.

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