Economic circumstances may appear to have stacked the deck against you, but workers with a fair amount of finesse stay immune. Browse through to learn how to get a raise in recession.

How To Get A Raise In A Recession

Hard work, determination and dedication are the key words for an employee to survive the flimsy economic conditions with ease. Talk to the people who survived the Great Economic Depression and you will learn that it was their expertise, positive approach and patient attitude that helped them stay immune to the wrath of recession. Remember, your outstanding service and expertise over the work will act in favor of you and help you get an edge when it comes to negotiating for a raise in times of economic slowdown. A trained employee well-versed with the technicalities of the work is an asset for the company and no company would want to lose its skilled employee. In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to get a raise during recession.
Tips For Getting A Raise During Recession
Know Your Boss
Getting inside your boss’s cabin with your bills and asking for a hike in your pay will only make the situation turn south on you. Consider the fact that the company and your boss are also under the pressure of recession. Therefore, before you go in with a request of an increment, educating yourself with the status of your company and any limitations that your boss might be facing is prototypical. If you are quenching for an increment on your personal reasons, it is critical to have a close relationship with your boss.
Leverage Your Talent
If you are talented and skillful in what you do, there is no need for you to be worried about losing your job. Remember, it is during the tough times that the company tends to retain key talent. Show your expertise and it can turn in your favor during the time of raise. If you are by the side of the company during the rough patch, be sure that your contributions would surely be noticed. Remember, whenever the company recovers from the downfall, it would invest on its people. It is then that your contributions would bear fruits. This is known as the point of leverage - if you play it right, you could expect a monetary benefit later.
Care About The Company
Even though your pockets are shrinking, learn to stay patient and stick to the company’s bottom line. Build up a level of confidence in your employer and assure him/her that you treat the company as your own and are concerned about the company’s financial condition, as much as him/her. A little concern and understanding on your part will stand by your favor and will make you the first preference for your boss, when he/she thinks of giving a salary hike to the employees.
Show Your Worth
Recession is the best time for you to use all your expertise and accomplishments and make the best out of it for your company. It is a simple rule - prove worthy for the company at tough times and the company will compliment you with a hike in your pay or even promotion after it. Get on your toes, take up new responsibilities and see your boss be all up for you.
Keep The Right Attitude
Right attitude at tough times is what will make you stay and prosper at your workplace. You might get extra workload, asked to work for long hours, shift roles and so on. Do not fret if anyone of the above or all of them strike you at your workplace. Understand your company’s financial instability and work with a smile on your face. Companies do not like their employees to crib and complain when their services are most needed. So, stay patient and wait for the right time to walk up to your employer to ask for an increment. Seeing your contribution your employer will himself reward your hard work.

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