Dating during recession can be a lot of fun, if you plan it on a restricted budget. With this article, explore some tips for dating on a budget.

Dating During Recession

The universal economic collapse, as a result of recession, has been bothering people across the globe for quite some time now. The economy of many countries has put a crimp on the personal finances as well. The "cost cutting ceremony" has affected the lifestyle and living standards of people, right from food, clothing to dating. Dating can be a burden in the present recessionary times. However, if you plan everything properly within a budget, dating even during recession can be a total fun. Granted, that these are hard times, but that does not mean that you have to miss out on the opportunities of being together. You can be honest and upfront with your partner and talk about your financial situation so that, the two of you can plan your dates accordingly. You and your partner can survive this situation together. Check out the ideas given below and learn how to plan it, when you are facing budget constraints.
Dating On A Budget
  • The best dates don't necessarily have to be expensive. You can even make your date a special occasion for your partner, without spending a fortune. Therefore, by keeping the budget constraints in your mind, plan the date.
  • Planning the budget is essential, when you go for shopping on a date. Instead of spending your bucks on the branded stuff, consider making the purchases from a more reasonable shop, say discount stores or factory outlets, which provide you off-season sales.
  • Since you are planning a budget date, avoid going to a luxury hotel or restaurant. Instead, cook the food at home. Shop for the necessary ingredients and spend the night, cooking and eating with your date. This way, you will be able to enjoy a great time with your partner, without spending much. 
  • In case you want to go for a romantic getaway with your love, plan it tactfully. Do not plan your vacation for over a week. Instead, make the duration short—say for three days. However, you should not choose a place just for the sake of it being inexpensive. You can cut the cost by spending less on the accommodation. Instead of going to a three or five star hotel, put up yourself in an inn or motel. Ensure that it would provide a comfortable stay for both of you.
  • Going out for a walk in the park is also a nice idea. Walking with your date, hand-in-hand, in the evening, is indeed very romantic! You may also plan a picnic with him/her. Get all the supplies from your home and set out for a short beachside picnic. Some towns even show feature films or other shows at the parks that are mostly free, which will make your picnic all the more interesting.
  • Some restaurants organize wine or beer tastings as a promotion technique to attract new customers. These tasting events take place once a month and are reasonably priced and sometimes, these are even free. You can taste and enjoy several varieties of wine or beer at such events. This is a great opportunity for you and your partner to enjoy some quality time together.
  • Certain cities have art exhibitions that feature numerous art works including sculpting, photography and painting. Art exhibitions are usually free of cost, which can be great venue for spending time together, especially during the recession time. If you and your partner are interested in art works, then attend art galleries to share your thoughts and ideas with each other. It is a perfect chance to get to know each other even better.
  • If you and your partner enjoy movies, then you can plan your own movie night at home. This way you save money by not spending it at movie theatres. Instead, you can rent or borrow DVDs and enjoy the movie with your partner at home. Make your own popcorn and set the lighting to create a theatre-like environment.
  • You and your partner can indulge in activities such as ice-skating, bowling or pool as these activities are cheap and are extremely enjoyable. In case, your partner does not know how to play any of these games, you can teach him/her and make this date a learning experience for him/her.
  • You and your partner can enjoy also go cycling together either during the early mornings or during the weekends.
Only during hard times can you understand the true personality of an individual. Dating during recession may not be a glamorous affair, but you will surely be able to spend some quality time with your partner.

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