Though risky, office romance & dating is a reality. If you cannot reign in your romantic feelings for a colleague, then better adhere to the workplace romance & dating tips given in this article.

Dating At Work

Love and romance does not wait for the right time and opportunity to happen. As such dangerous and risky as it may be, office romance is a reality and various surveys reveal that it is quite a common phenomenon. But while it’s extremely difficult to keep office dating and romances undercover for a long time, there are definitely some important measures you can adhere to in order to ensure that your love story with a colleague does not hamper / disturb your own office work or others around you. At the same time, you get to carry on a torrid affair in a hassle-free way.
Tips on Dating & Romance at Workplace
Recognizing a Strong Attraction
Let’s begin from the scratch. There’s this beautiful babe / handsome dude in your office you have been eyeing for a while, but are unsure is the feeling is mutual. The trick is to read his / her body languages and decipher apparent signs of a green sign. For instance, check if he / she is meandering around your cabin a bit too much or trying to share lunch hours with you. He / she may even send flirty e-mail messages to you if both of you have already been introduced.
Ensure of Not Violating Company Policy
Maximum firms do not entertain office romances as it is believed to adversely affect the productivity. For instance, hospitals do not support romance between a doctor and a nurse. As such, if is suggested that you go through the company employee guidelines to check if there is any rule against dating or marrying a colleague. And incase, there is one then you can consider discussing the same with your boss if the case is very serious. One of you shifting to different department could be a solution.
Keep it as Inconspicuous as Possible
This is important if you do not want the whole office whispering behind your backs. Infact, office grapevines thrive on such probable ongoing / failed colleague romances. Since it is not possible to be on a cordial relationship with everyone in the office, these very people could be ones who may engage in dirty-talks about you and your partner and this creates a bad impression. As such, it is important to keep office romances and dating as inconspicuous as possible.  
Try not to Date Subordinate
As far as possible, try not to develop mushy feelings or date a subordinate. This applies especially in case of a person who has to directly report to you and whose future promotion and career advancement depends on you. This is because you may be blamed of showing favoritism to him / her. Since people have a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill, this controversy may not only create a bad repute about you in the office and hamper your career. The fallout could be even worse in case of an office romance gone sour.  
Avoid Public Displays of Affection

If you care even a little about your public image, then refrain completely from public display of affection especially in office. It will help if you can save the handholding and the caressing stuff for the hours after both of you have exited from office. Infact, such candid display of affection in office will be interpreted as being unprofessional in any office. Also avoid sending love messages to one another in office. You will become the butt of everyone’s jokes if your lovey-dovey emails get viewed by someone else accidentally in the office.

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