Have you always wondered what does RSVP on a wedding card or other invitation stand for? Check out information on what RSVP means.

What Does RSVP Mean

Many a times, you must have got wedding cards or invitation cards for other events that mentioned an abbreviation or a separate ‘RSVP’ card. Ever wondered as to what RSVP stands for? This is basically an acronym for a French phrase “Respondez S'il Vous Plait”. Literally translated, it means ‘Respond If You Please’. Basically, it is a warm request from the sender of the invitation, asking for a reply to the same. Let us explore all about RSVP, in the following lines.
RSVP Concept
RSVP Etiquette is predominantly followed in Western culture, according to which, the person receiving an RSVP card, along with a formal invitation for wedding, birthday or similar events, should respond appropriately. Some people send a separate RSVP card along with the invitation card. As per the etiquette, you should show kindness and responsibility by filling out the RSVP card and sending it to the person concerned, as soon as possible.
RSVP Etiquette
An event is planned meticulously by the invitee and he/she would have spent a lot of money on it. A simple response from you can a long way in letting that person know whether to expect you or not or do any extra arrangements. It is basic etiquette to reply back to that person. If a separate card is not given, the contact information like phone number, e-mail, etc. would be given just below the event itinerary. Make sure you call up that person and respond.
While responding to the RSVP, you should pay attention to the deadline set by the sender. This is very important, because the RSVP card will be of no use, if it is not returned on time. If you are not able to send it due to some reasons, be courteous enough to inform the sender over the phone, about your decision/suggestions regarding the event.
Never contradict your statement in the RSVP card. As a receiver of the invitation, you should abide by your words. For instance, giving a positive reply by saying ‘Yes’ in the RSVP card and not going to the event would create a very bad impression about you. Only certain unavoidable circumstances, like illness or death of loved one, can be excused if you have replied positively and do not turn up.
How Does It Help 
  • RSVP gives the host an idea as to how many people will be attending the event, so that he/she can make the arrangements accordingly.
  • If the event requires the guests to put up in a hotel, sending an RSVP card will help them book a separate room for you and not rush or share a room in the last moment.
  • Filling out an RSVP card will be of help to not only the organizer, but you too. Usually, you can mention a condition or suggestion that you would like to get included, on a personal basis.
  • You may also include additional information, if you are planning to bring along a friend or your kids and request the host to make extra arrangements. For this, RSVP is very helpful.

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