Given below are some tips for writing a wedding thank you note/card. To know how to write wedding thank you cards, read on.

How To Write A Wedding Thank You Card

Wedding is a huge event, wherein the couple is visited by many relatives and endowed with blessings and gifts. This makes it necessary for the wedding couple to send thank you cards and note to their friends and relatives, showing their gratitude towards them. In lieu of the pain and consideration of the people, who have sent you a gift, send personalized cards to all your guests. Writing a thank you card or note does not require much time and makes the concerned person feel happy. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to express, how much you appreciate their thoughtful presents. So, to know how to write a thank you card or note, read the tips given below.
Tips For Writing Wedding Thank You Cards
  • First of all, if possible try and keep a track of all the gifts you get on your wedding, which will help you in sending the thank you cards.
  • To write thank you notes, buy some nice and trendy stationery. You can even get them at the time of your wedding card printing so that you don’t have to hunt for it later.
  • Make sure you hand-write all the thank you cards and do not get them printed. This adds a personal touch to the cards, making the effort seem earnest.
  • Keep the note brief and do not engage in long stories as it will lose its charm.
  • Begin the card on a personal note, rather than straightaway thanking the sender for the gift.
  • Make sure you mention about the gift the sender has sent along with the probable use, you are likely to utilize it for.
  • Mention some lines about the wedding and their participation and your joy on their arrival.
  • Thank the sender for the gift in kind and polite words, expressing your feelings regarding the same.
  • Ensure timely postage of thank you cards so that it reaches the concerned person within three to four weeks of your receiving the gift.
  • For saving time and effort, you can split the duties between yourself and you new spouse. This will not make the task tedious and monotonous for one person.

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