Kissing is often taken as a sensuous and intimate activity. If you’re wondering how to kiss your man, check out some hot tips on French kissing a guy.

How To Kiss A Boy

It is unnerving to think of kissing the one you are absolutely crazy about, for the first time. This can keep you on tenterhooks forever!––until you go ahead and kiss him anyway. A kiss is an intense expression of your passion for someone and it has its magical powers! When you kiss your lover, you are conveying your yearning and longing for him. Due to the crucial part that it plays in love life, people feel anxious before their first kiss. You might think that there is a formula to perfect the art of kissing but there really isn’t. Everyone has their own way to kiss, which is original and distinct. You cannot learn how to kiss. It is the feeling for the person you want to kiss that makes your kiss wonderful or average. If you are truly attracted to someone then there is no way that your kiss will not be memorable. So there is actually nothing to worry about. Also, you should shed the inhibition that you are a girl that is why you will not be able to pull a kiss through. If you want him and you want to kiss him badly then show it to him. He will feel wonderful that you initiated the kiss between you two and it will give a passionate nudge to his own feelings for you. Although we said that one cannot teach someone how to kiss but there are some universal factors involved in kissing that you can take into consideration while kissing that prince charming of ours. Read on for kissing tips.
Tips On Kissing A Guy
Create An Atmosphere: Kissing is an intimate expression of love. So, do not pace it up, make your man and yourself comfortable. If the atmosphere around you is romantic then it will help you both to loosen up and be more expressive. Invite him to your house; light some aromatic candles, pour some wine, play some soft tunes and talk about how you feel about him.
Touch Him: Smile often and touch him lightly to make him comfortable. Tell him about your feelings, but show some restraint as well. Make excuses to touch his arm, hands or face. You can tease him playfully and run your fingers through his hair. This will definitely help him to disarm himself.
Take It Slow: Find the right moment to come close to him. Make sure that you do it lightly. Approach him smoothly and hold his hand. He will know what you want and will come close to you on his own. You can start by giving him a peck on the cheek and then move to actually kissing him on the lips. You must always start with a closed-mouth kiss and if the guy responds, try to do kiss the way the French do. In case he does not respond, again try to make him at ease and kiss him lightly.
Turn Him On: Remember your lips must be moisturized, chapped lips are a big great turn-off. You can even put on your favorite lip color to make your lips look lustrous and covetable. Put some perfume on you to smell heavenly.
Tongue Work: If it is a long kiss then slowly open your lips to give him a French kiss. When he opens his mouth, slowly put your tongue inside and try to touch his tongue. For sure, this will burn-up the passion for kissing in him too. Be slow, explore his mouth and let him explore yours. Enjoy the passionate kiss while keeping your eyes closed. You can run your hands on his shoulders or in his hair as a means to show your love and affection for him. It will let him know that you like what you both are doing.
Do Not Be Greedy: Do not be too rigorous with your kissing. It is your first kiss and it is supposed to be a beautiful memory. Do not spoil it by being greedy and coming on to him strongly. If he is also getting too passionate then you both can take the kiss further and explore each other beyond just the kiss. But, if you feel that he is a bit reserved about it then keep it only to the kiss.
Stop If He Stops: If he wants to stop at any point then do not force him to continue. If you do then it will leave a bad impression on him. Maybe you can ask him nicely if he is alright but do not attempt to do it again if he tells you for any reason that he does not want it to continue.

Seclusion Is Sexy: Do not do it if there is anyone else in the vicinity except for the two of you. Reason being, it is your intimate moment and you do not want other people to be a part of it. Also, it might make your partner uncomfortable. If it so happens that you are accompanied by many people and you want to kiss him then take him to a secluded corner and kiss him there. If other people will watch you then you will not be able to express yourself properly and one of the most beautiful moments in your life will quickly turn into one of the most awkward ones.

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