Have you met the girl of your dreams and would like to get her to kiss you? Read on to find out how to convince her to do so.

How To Convince A Girl To Kiss You

Some people have written songs extolling it. There are still others, who have referred to it as an exchange of saliva between two fools. However, no matter what it is called, the fact remains that a kiss is a beautiful physical expression of deep affection or love between two people. Therefore, when you see a girl and fall in love with her, it is natural that you would want to kiss her as an expression of how you feel about her (and this probably has nothing to do with the fact that her lips look like ripe, juicy fruits ready to be bitten into). The biggest mistake you could make is to kiss her by force. Rather, use circumstances and situations to your benefit, so that you make her impatient to feel your lips against hers. The following tips will help you get a girl to kiss you over and over again. 
Tips To Get A Girl To Kiss You 
  • It is useless to just simply wait for a kiss without any feelings attached. Therefore, you will need to get her into a romantic and passionate mood. You don’t need to be a pro to do this – you could do something simple like just holding her hand or looking into her eyes tenderly. If you have been close for some time, you could try talking to her romantically. Guys, remember that “romance” is not equal to “sex” for girls at all times. If she gets the feeling that you’re trying to get her into your bed, she might just run in the other direction.
  • Take care of your lips. Just as you would not want to kiss a girl with dry, chapped lips, you need to make sure your lips are attractive enough to be kissed by a girl. And no, this does not mean that you have to buy every type of lip treatment that the cosmetic market has to offer. If your lips look and smell girlish, she would not want to kiss you. A simple chap stick will do the trick. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.
  • Choose a romantic location – a well-shaded park or just some place where there will be privacy. If any private place is hard to come by, get corner seats at a theater as a last resort (and make sure that the movie is a romantic one – in her opinion).
  • Ensure that you do not have bad breath since this is a total turn-off. Move closer to her and hold her gaze a second or two longer than normal. Do this a couple of times to build up anticipation. Take the initiative and give her a light kiss on her lips. Stay on her lips until she gives you permission to use your tongue, or else you just might find yourself in trouble.

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