Team-building activities help to create a cohesive and productive group of people, with an enhanced productivity. Read on to find some creative games and exercises for team building.

Creative Team Building Activities

Team building activities help to create a cohesive and productive group of people, who know how to coordinate well in the group and enhance their productivity. Therefore, including the process of creative team building into the routine operations of the work can work wonders for people, as far as their performance is concerned, and also keep them happy at work. In any official setting, team building events should be organized from time to time. In fact, school and college students should also be introduced to the concept of team building, so that it helps them to adjust in official settings later on, where they will have to work in groups. Read the article to find some creative team building activities that can be undertaken almost universally.
Creative Games & Exercises For Team Building
Face Game
The face game is to be played in groups of 5-10 people and each group has to be assigned a leader. The game is about communicating and interpreting facial expressions in the right way. In this activity, every participant has to think of a particular emotion and write it down on a paper slip. These papers are collected in a container. Every participant will now have to pick a random paper slip and communicate the mentioned emotion through his/her face. His/her team members will have to try to guess the emotion that is being conveyed by the person. This game helps in identifying some universal expressions. It is a good team activity that allows the team members to open up with each other and communicate effectively.
Picture Pieces Game
Picture pieces game is a good way to see how teams operate when they are assigned a particular task, in which they are required to coordinate. It is a fun game, where the participants are required to form a picture that is many times bigger than the original picture given to them. The team members help each other in achieving the task. Cut any picture or sketch into different shapes and hand over the shapes to the team members, who have to prepare a similar copy of the picture, albeit in a larger dimension. Once every one completes his/her shape, the separate pieces are collated to form a bigger picture. This exercise helps to test the coordination and understanding between the team members and helps them to develop a broader perspective.
Stress Testing Exercise
Stress testing exercise is intended to test the ability of team members to handle stress. A group of 8-10 members is required to perform this activity. A ball is given to the team members and they have to throw it at each other in a random way. Every participant has to remain alert as he/she has to catch the ball whenever it is thrown towards him/her. If the ball is dropped, it is considered to be a failed task, and holding the ball for a longer time is considered as delay. The number of balls in circulation is to be increased as the game proceeds. With an increase in number of balls, there will be chaos and confusion in the group. As such, participants will have to handle the situation and make sure that none of the balls is dropped. This will test the ability of the participants to deal with stressful situations.

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