Confidence is the key to success. Read on to know the confidence building techniques.

Confidence Building Techniques

Imagine a scene where you are on an operation table and the doctor who is doing your surgery is bathed with sweats and is wobbly with apprehensions. Would you want him to operate on you? The answer certainly is ‘no’ by all means. Even though the doctor may be very experienced and good, unless he is confident, you will never have confidence in him and better say you are off without him. Now come to think of it, are you like the wobbly doctor? Do you struggle to take decisions? If yes, then you might as well be suffering from lack of self-confidence. A person without confidence is like a ship without a captain. Self-confidence is of utmost importance in every aspect of our lives and unless we are confident, we would not be able to achieve anything in our life. Nobody is by birth a confident man/woman, it is cultivated and it is never too late to cultivate it. If you feel you lack in confidence, you can use confidence-building techniques to increase and enhance your confidence. So what are you waiting for? Go on read for yourself the techniques for confidence building.
Confidence Building Exercises 
  • Imagine yourself as the perfect person. You imagine yourself as an epitome of talent and virtue. You already have things, which you want to achieve. This is the greatest teaching of Zen.
  • Use positive motivational quotes from the good books you have ever read. Write them down on a book or in a laptop. Just refer it again and again when you feel so frustrated.
  • When you are feeling very less confident, imagine yourself as the wise man on earth. Think about how a wise, confident person would have handled the situation?
  • Study your favorite personalities and analyze their activities and behavior pattern and act like them.
  • Treat yourself as if you were your own best friend. You never want to hurt your best friend. Even if he does a mistake, you pamper him and convince him that he didn’t commit any. Treat yourself with the same approach. Never let you down in any case.
  • Be kind to yourself with your words and actions. Do not hurt yourself by complaining about your weakness and negative traits. Never think of yourself as a loser or a joker.
  • Focus on the positive things about yourself. Just make a list of positive traits. Analyze those qualities from roots, and find out what a beautiful personality you are.
  • Gracefully accept the compliments of others. There is nothing wrong in accepting the compliments from others. Your subconscious gets designed in a positive way when you accept the compliments from others. When you reach a higher level of confidence, you don’t need other’s compliments to feel contented.
  • Praise yourself million times a day if possible. Don’t be too pushy on success. Whenever you achieve a minor goal, praise yourself to the Himalayan heights.
  • Try to help others honestly. Never shut the door to people. Always keep a lot of friends.
  • There is a saying “look for the silver lining in every cloud” which means see positive traits in whatever happens even if that is a negative thing in a normal sense.
  • Imagine your life is already fulfilled and full of joy, fun, and music. If you can think of your imagination as the reality, it gradually turns into reality.
  • Practice meditation and yoga. You will feel more contented and relaxed.
  • Do some weight training exercises and build yourself a good physique. A strong physique is the foundation of good mind.
  • Do not watch, listen to, or read the news just before bed. News is polished version of facts, which is designed to shock you. Most of news, you can find in any newspaper are negative. So avoid the habit of reading the newspaper in night before you sleep. Instead of exposing yourself to bad news, recall the entire positive experiences of the day.

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