There could be many reasons behind one lacking in confidence, but it does not mean one has to live with it forever. This article gives tips on building confidence.

How To Gain Confidence

Do you cringe each time you view yourself in the mirror and sadly wish you were someone else? Do you get tongue-tied and nervous when you have to, for any reason, interact with strangers? Do you keep criticizing yourself constantly for doing things the wrong way? All these traits just point one thing – that you majorly lack in self confidence. While there can be varied reasons behind your lack of confidence, just remember that you do not deserve this and don’t have to live like this your whole life!
While lacking confidence is one thing, this can also lead to one having low self- esteem with the passage of time. But remember that you can definitely turn around the tables if you so want. All you need is the willingness and determination to overcome your flaws. Remember two things on the onset of this mission. First that in this case, only you can help yourself. Second that it’s okay to feel scared because confidence doesn’t mean not feeling scared. Infact, confidence means overcoming your fears!   
Tips on How to Build Confidence
Like Yourself
The very first key to becoming self confident is by liking yourself. It is a feeling that will slowly start getting mirrored once you begin appreciating yourself truly. So list down all the positive traits you have in yourself. This could be things like cooking well, being courteous, etc. When ever you feel dejected, just see this list and remind yourself that you too possess praise-worthy qualities like others.
Attend Seminars on Self Confidence
You can also attend seminars themed on building self-confidence, where you can get important tips and guidance in this aspect from experts. See what and how you can incorporate these tips in your daily lifestyle. If attending conferences is not possible, then try searching for information / reading up on this issue on the internet, libraries and other such sources. Reading famous inspirational books like - Who Moved My Cheese and The Alchemist can also help you.  
Encourage / Motivate yourself
Whether you have to appear for an interview or make a presentation, tell yourself repeatedly that you can do it and do it well. Encourage or motivate yourself each and every day and you are bound to find your self confidence blossoming. Another way to motivate yourself is by jotting down three to four things on the paper that you did well each day. This will make you feel good about yourself and boost confidence.  
Try Overcoming Fears
Some people nurture a secret fear that they will not success at anything they do. One should try to do away with such negative thinking first of all. Think positive and put your 100 per cent in what ever you do. Though maybe in varying degree, but success is bound to come to you sooner or later.
Accept Failures
Failures teach you more than success does. It teaches you to survive when things are not going smooth, it makes you crave for success more strongly and it also teaches you to appreciate success in the true way when it finally comes. It keeps you grounded. So failure is not all that bad as many label it. It is just that you have to take it in a positive way, accept it and move on. It is as much a part of life as success is.  

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