A woman’s cleavage is known to elicit a myriad of human responses. Read to understand why women flaunt their cleavage!

Why Women Flaunt Their Cleavage?

From being featured in books and movies to being a subject of study in academics (as is the case with fashion designing student) to flaunting it off in fashion shows, a woman’s cleavage has found its way everywhere! All along, it has elicited a myriad of human responses, right from sneers (which are mostly only on the superficial level) to open admiration from people. These are very visible repercussions of a woman’s cleavage on display! But the crux of the matter is what is it that propels women to exhibit their cleavage? If you, too, want to join the gang of women, who flaunt their cleavage just to get some eyeballs popping out, you are at the right place. In the following lines, we have provided information on why women flaunt their cleavage and how to exhibit/display it in the right manner.   
Why A Woman Exhibits Her Cleavage? 
  • The most popular and accepted explanation behind cleavage display is that it is done to gain the attention and admiration of men. In other (more explicit) words, a woman shows cleavage, when she wants to get male members sexually interested in her.
  • There are many women, whose real intention behind attracting men by flaunting their cleavage, is to gain favors from them. The favors could be anything like, for instance, money, expensive gifts, salary hike, etc.
  • There are women who think they deserve equal rights as men socially, politically and in all other ways. Their act of showing their cleavage may have more to do with their respecting their feminism openly, in contrast to being coy about it, like most others.
  • Sometimes, as in the case of female celebrities like actors, singers, etc., displaying cleavage in the latest designer wear is more of a fashion statement, backed by a craving to stand out from others. 
How To Flaunt Cleavage 
  • One of the easiest ways to flaunt cleavage is to wear a push-up bra. This type of bra is available is most of the department stores and in several colors and styles.
  • The other option would be to try gel, air or water bra to add fullness and create cleavage. This way, the look becomes more natural and utmost comfortable.
  • Use a self tanner, bronzer or a foundation, to highlight the cleavage. However, use waterproof products. Also, it is best advised to choose a color that is twice as dark as the skin in the cleavage area. Using two shades of color would be the best bet. Create the shadow effect by merging the dark and light shades.
  • While wearing a bikini, choose a halter-top, so that you can adjust the ties at the back. This would help you show off your cleavage while you are in different positions, such as lying on the beach, sitting at a seaside bar or even swimming in the water.
  • To attract most of the attention to your cleavage, use plenty of oil and lotion. This would help in keeping the skin healthy. Cocoa butter and oil or lotions that contain Vitamin E would be the best recommended. They help in maintaining the appearance of sexy, vibrant skin.

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