For being a good listener, there are certain things that one must keep in mind. In this article, check out what are the traits of a good listener.

How To Be A Good Listener

Communication always requires a listener and a speaker. Speaking and listening are both, inseparable part of a meaningful communication. We all speak out our views, but do we actually listen when the other person says? The probable answer is ‘No’. Think of a situation when you were speaking and the person you were talking to, stood up and walked away. How did you feel at that time? I know it hurts to even remember such an incident. Besides, if the listener doesn’t take interest in the conversation or looks around to get a break, the speaker feels embarrassed. Listening is a vital element of communication and it is very much different from hearing. By being a good listener, you can sort out various problems both at office and at home. In fact, you will see the world through other’s eyes. This will improve your understanding and capacity to empathize. Acknowledging other people’s works and efforts makes them feel good. If someone is going through some problem, listening to him/her could be a great relief and then coming up with a solution would be the best thing you can do. Check out the following lines to know what the traits of a good listener are.
How to Be a Good Listener
What Are Traits Of Good Listener
Listen While Keeping The Eye Contact
This shows that you’re interested in listening to what is being said. Maintaining eye contact will make the speaker feel that, you are paying attention and he/she will be interested to continue speaking to you.
Speak Slowly
 At times, people speak to take out their frustration. Actually, they want a shoulder to count on and a keen ear to listen to them. Listen first and after they finish, speak slowly so that, the person gets time to solve things at his/her end. You don’t have to talk too much, right after the speaker has finished talking, as this may cause the speaker to discontinue the conversation with you. Be sure to remain open in the conversation.
Keep The Secret
When people tell you something personal, they expect that you will the keep the information to yourself and will not gossip around. Keep the trust by keeping talks private. No matter how juicy the secret is, you have to keep it to yourself and share the information with no one else. It would be considered as an act of total betrayal, if you divulge the secret to a third person.
Be Attentive
Learn to listen keenly and let the speaker know that you’re actually listening to him/her. You can speak phrases, like yeah, hmmm, I know, that’s true, okay, etc. in between, so as to show your interest.
Good Body Language
It is very important to display a good body language. Nodding your head occasionally, when someone is saying something, will let that person know that, you are listening carefully. Moreover, how you react to the person’s words will show your character as well. You have to show respect to the speaker by managing your emotions well and by displaying a good body language.
Show Gratitude
Allow the speaker to discern that, you feel pleased that he/she opened up to you. It is important that, you let the speaker feel that you enjoyed listening to him/her and you actually learnt a lot.
Stay In Tune
While the conversation is still going on, don’t disappear in between just because your mind has drifted. Any type of fidgeting and fiddling show that you’re not interested in listening. If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, start repeating what is being said to you by the speaker.
Ignore Distractions
When a person is speaking it is imperative to concentrate on whatever he/she is saying and not to be distracted by anything else. Being distracted is a sign of impoliteness and you should refrain from doing anything but, listening to the speaker.
Avoid Interrupting
This is the most important trait of a good listener. A lot of thoughts may come to your mind, just when a person is saying something to you, but if he or she has not finished speaking, avoid interrupting. If you have something to say or any questions to ask to the speaker, save it until the speaker is done with the talking. Otherwise, the speaker will be annoyed and lose interest in hearing to what you have to say.
Here are the important tips to guide you on how to be a good listener. Being a good listener is one of the most important communication skills of a person. When you listen to a person, you are in turn showing respect to that person. Only through practice and determination, you can accomplish this excellent skill. Keep these tips in mind, the next time someone engages you in a conversation.

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