Do you want to know how to make a girl feel good? Find out useful tips for making a woman feel good.

How To Make A Girl Feel Good

Making a woman feel good has its own rewards. A happy woman leads to a happy household and a peaceful life. This should be inspiration enough for you to do those little things for her, to bring a smile on her beautiful face. Women have this innate desire to be treated specially. Nothing brings her more joy than her man making an effort to make her happy. It doesn’t have to be a diamond ring or a vacation in Bali, a bunch of flowers or a simple text message saying I Love You, can put her on cloud nine. Women are called complicated or complex emotional creatures but really, a smart man knows the simple and universal fact of keeping his woman happy. He knows that she wants to see her man come out of his comfort-zone and make her feel wanted. She becomes complicated and demanding only when she does not see him making any special gestures. A smart guy knows when to turn off the football and switch her telly on, when to ask her to share the details of her day or take her out on a long drive. He knows that it is not in big-grand gestures that she seeks her happiness, but in random and inconsequential expressions of love, she looks for affection. Although every woman is different and beautiful, special in her own way but there are few cardinal things that you can do and voila! you are in for a love-jackpot.
How To Make A Girl Feel Good
Tips For Making A Woman Feel Good
Make Her Feel Comfortable
A woman is a delicate creature; you need to learn to handle her emotions with utmost care. If you do not show any regards or consideration towards her emotions, then the chances are that she might never be able to trust you completely. For her to trust you, it is important that you make her feel comfortable physically and emotionally. Do not take her to the places she does not like or people she genuinely does not get along with. Explore her comfort level and always make an extra effort to do things that matches her sensibilities and comfort-ability. If you feel perplexed about her likes and dislikes or whether she is comfortable with something or not, ask her. It will make her happy, thinking that you care for her. Never-ever coax her with what she is not comfortable with.
Make Her Feel Protected
Nothing makes a woman feel absolutely happy than her man standing up for her. No matter how strong your woman is, there is, in her, a little damsel in distress, who needs to be rescued. But it does not mean that you do not regard that she is fully capable of protecting herself. Do not get confused, there is a very thin difference between protecting her and hurting her self-respect. Let her feel like she is in-charge of herself but, in the situations where she feels vulnerable and is too proud to ask for your help or support or protection, step up and make her feel like your woman, someone for whom you feel responsible. Whether it is a professional situation or a personal one, let her know that you will stand by her no matter what and nothing will ever get her as long as you are there.
Shower Her With Compliments
Women take compliments from their men very seriously. She puts in extra efforts into everything, whether to look good or take interest in your interests, to grab your attention and your affection. Let her know that you recognize it and validate it, by complimenting her. Your appreciation means the world to her. She is occasionally in doubts, whether or not you have observed, something that she has changed in herself. Put her doubts to rest and let her know that you are attentive towards her. Nothing says that you still love her the way you used to, like a refreshing compliment.
Show Her Gratitude
She does a lot for you, even the kind of things that you have no clue of. Be thankful for her presence in your life. Tell her she makes your world a beautiful place. Say thank you for the little stuff she does for you, whether it is ironing your shirt for the office or looking after your dog. She does all of it with love and feelings, a little recognition would make her happy. 
Romance Her
If you are in a long-committed relationship then you need to remember to make her feel special from time to time. This will reassure her that you still love her and she is as important in your life as you are in hers. Re-kindle that fire that you once had. Be romantic, you do not need to go over-board with it and make larger than life gestures. The subtler it is, the happier it will make her feel. Randomly send her lyrics from your favorite romantic poetry or meet her outside her office with a bunch of flowers and go for a candle light dinner. It will fill her heart with happiness and make her feel wanted again.
Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Gifts
Women like to be pampered, to be splurged on with gifts. Gift her that watch that she’s been eyeing for a while now, or gift her a luxurious day in a five-star spa, it is bound to make her happy. It is all about making her feel special. These simple gestures speak louder than words and revive the love between you two. Making your woman feel happy is easy; you just need to be thoughtful and loving.
Just Say Yes
Sometimes, if your woman is throwing a wobble for absolutely no reasons at all and she is sounding ridiculously wrong, just say yes to everything that she is saying. If she is being doubtful of you or she is blaming you for what you should not be blames for, be a bigger person and let it go. Not because you just want to escape it, but out of love. Women go through a lot of hormonal changes from time to time, especially if it’s that time of the month. As a loving man in her life, you need to understand that sometimes she is exhausted with her body and mind. If in a situation like this you will understand her and let her vent out from time to time, then it is sure to make her feel good.  
A Gentleman With Her Friends
Nothing makes a girl feel more wonderful than her man treating her friends nicely. This will make her feel more proud of you, like you care for her social standing and for the people she cares about. If you are open, jovial and respecting to her friends, then her friends will appreciate you and appreciate her choice which will give her a feeling of achievement and fulfillment. Do not forget to keep her close, touch her time and again and take care of her needs, when you are around her friends.  
Yes, it is still in fashion. When you get the door for her, pull out the chair and carry her shopping bags, it still makes her happy even though she is an equal to you and as independent. Women like their man to care for them and treat them specially. When you are conscious of her needs and treat her delicately, it reminds her that you think of her as someone special, no matter how long you have been together.
Be Attentive to her needs and wants. Women are very sensitive about little details. If she tells you that she is allergic to coffee, make a point to not offer her coffee ever again; in fact when you are at the coffee shop, let her know that you are aware that she does not respond well to coffee and ask her for something else. Little details like these would make her massively happy.
Communication is very important for a woman. You need to constantly her let know that you are thinking of her and you love her, that she is always there in your mind. Use any means you are comfortable with, call her or text her or send flowers, whatever expression seems fit for you. But, never let a day pass without letting her know that she is special. Although, actions are greater than words but, the depth and softness of the words are truly precious to a woman and would make her feel happy.  

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