Are you wondering how to control your emotions? Go through this article, to know some effective ways and methods for controlling intense emotions.

How To Control Your Emotions

How many times have you goofed-up a particular situation or a scene because of your anger? Almost all of us have faced such an incidence in life, when our emotions had completely taken over our mind. Result - bad behavior, unhealthy relationships and sometimes even termination letter. One must understand that there is nothing wrong in feeling strongly about something, problem occurs when it comes to expression. Remember, it is not what you feel that counts, what matters, is what you do with those feelings. Controlling emotions is essential when you are in a public place or in your place of work. If you have been facing problems in controlling your emotion, do not worry, as we have provided below some of the effective ways and methods to manage your intense emotions.
Controlling Emotions 
  • The first step would be to identify those emotions, which you need to control. Right from angry flare-ups to disgust, there are numerous emotional displays that you might need to restrict, when it comes to public places.
  • For instance, if you get easily angered, the best bet would be to focus all the energies towards breathing. Breathing in and out a number of times, reduces heart rate and accentuates the oxygen flow in the brain.
  • Remember, when you are focusing your attention towards breathing, the mind gets diverted from the emotions and feelings.
  • Another popular way would be to count backwards from 20 to 1. This is found effective in controlling the heighten emotions.
  • Visualization is yet another great way to control the angry flare-ups or stress. Try to picture something that would produce a soothing image in your mind. It can be a snapshot of a beach, a candle, moonlight and so on. Believe it or not - this would be a great way to escape from the stressful or high-anxiety times.
  • This might come as a surprise to you, but directing all the energies towards a far-off stable object does a lot, in terms of relieving a person off his intense emotions.
  • At times, it gets very difficult to suppress your emotion. In such a situation, excuse yourself from the group of people you are with and go to a lonely place. Give vent to your feelings and then return to the scene. Trust me, you would feel much better.
  • Another effective technique would be to acknowledge or recognize the emotions you were feeling at the time of emotional outbursts. You would realize that it is generally the negative feelings that you want to control. In such circumstances, ask yourself the reason for the anger. Knowing the reason is likely to help you in future, when you come across similar situations. You would, in turn, react less.
  • Remember, mindfulness holds the key for controlling emotions. So, be actively attentive of your feelings and emotions.
  • Drinking lots of water is a good way to rule out the negative emotions. It would also benefit you in terms of health. So, just pick up a glass of water and slowly gulp it down. You will surely feel relaxed!

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