If dealing with a controlling personality seems to be intimidating, then this article is perfect for you. Go through the tips and learn how to deal with controlling people.

Dealing With Controlling Personality

Nothing is more challenging than dealing with people, who show the trait of controlling others. For the controlling personalities, life seems to be easy, when they give commands and difficult, when they are in the receiving end. You can find such people anywhere around you. They could be among your colleagues, a close friend or even spouse, for that matter. Such a behavior often sets boundaries in relationships, invading the peace of mind of the others, who are being controlled. If you also encounter a controlling personality in your life, you should know how to deal with them in a such way, doesn't hurt their feelings or self-esteem. Go through the following lines and learn how to do it.
How To Deal With Controlling People 
  • Affirm that you are not going to be controlled by the person. You should not present yourself in such a way that he/she finds it easily to overshadow you.
  • When the controlling person is your spouse, partner, close friend or colleague, you cannot ignore him/her completely. In such a situation, you need to show your full cooperation. Make him/her feel that both of you work as a team and that neither of you is the Lord or the master.
  • The sense of individuality is completely lost, when people are amidst controlling personalities. You should reassert the fact that you don't need anyone, except your parents, to control your behavior.
  • Put across your thoughts in a sensible manner. In order to facilitate a response in your favor, you should express your feelings in a levelheaded way. Communicate with them about the fact that you feel offended by their peculiar mannerism.
  • Controlling personalities often dominate others and become aggressive when they are not listened or agreed to. While dealing with such people, you should not project yourself as a weak person, because they might take you for granted and start imposing their "rules" upon you.
  • Withdrawing support is found to be yet another trait of controlling personalities. It is their way to make you believe that you cannot do things without them. In this case, you need to make it loud and clear that you can still make decisions on your own. Show them that you just want to share things with them, instead of depending upon their support.
  • Controlling personalities, by all means, want others to obey them. In the process, they often make pitiable faces as to gain sympathy from others. They may even show anger or go to the extent of crying to get their things done. While dealing with them, you should not surrender yourself. Instead, just walk away from the situation casually, with a smile on your face.

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