A controlling personality is harmful in many ways and can slowly poison your life before you even realize it. Read this article to know the characteristics and warning signs of a controlling person.

Characteristics Of A Controlling Personality

Do you feel that you are completely controlled by your partner’s actions? Does your partner demand all the attention in your relationship? Do you feel you have loved the wrong person? Have you lost your individuality completely? If the answer to all these questions is yes, it means that you are in a relationship with a controlling person. The characteristics of a controlling personality are in the extreme and abnormal. A controlling person can trick you with smooth talks and harm you in many ways. People with such controlling characteristics should be handled with care and talked heart-to-heart. They should be made aware of the negative consequences of their behavior. Given here are the basic characteristics of a controlling personality, recognizing which can help you protect yourself from unhealthy relationships.
Warning Signs Of A Controlling Person
Increased Sensitivity
One of the characteristics of a controlling personality is increased sensitivity. A controlling person gets hurt easily by anything that is said or done to him/ her. The slightest bit of mishap can send such people into a frenzied state.
Extreme Jealousy
Another characteristic of a controlling person is extreme jealousy. Such a person cannot tolerate that you are focusing your attention on someone or something else. He/she will keep an eye over you by asking about the people you meet, the amount of time you spend with them and the reason for spending more time. Controlling people will want to control your life and specify the kind of people you should meet.
Dominance Over Every Issue
A person who dominates every single aspect of your life, from the kind of food you eat to the dress you wear, is also displaying a characteristic of a controlling personality. Such people hate it when you want to take decisions on your own. They want themselves to have the first as well as the last say in all your issues.
Complete Control Over Emotions
Controlling people always hurt you emotionally, at every moment of your life. They make it a point to make you feel terrible the moment you do something that is against their line of thought or action. They torture you endlessly and blame you for being insensitive and difficult for no reason of yours.
Forced Intimacy
People with controlling will force you in certain intimate acts for their personal satisfaction, even if you are not comfortable. Your feelings are of least concern to them. Such people will make unusual demands and force you to be loving in nature, even if it is against your ways of thinking.
Drink & Substance Abuse
Studies have proved that excessive drinking and substance abuse trigger and heighten controlling tendencies in people who already have issues with themselves. You should look out for such a sign in people around you as well, to gauge their true personality.

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