Do you think yours is a healthy personality? Wonder what a healthy personality is like? This article will tell you the characteristics of healthy personalities.

Characteristics Of A Healthy Personality

A personality is a culmination of various qualities of a person which decides the mental constitution of that person. Every person has a peculiar personality. How people relate or retaliate to real life situations makes their personalities different from each other. Those people who are well adjusted with the environment have healthy personalities. Their efficiency to do anything is greater than people with unhealthy personalities. Their life is harmonious and they have achieved a sense of peace between themselves and the world around them. Healthy personalities do not have any self-destructive feelings nor do they have feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety or anger because they do not feel inadequate or look at their life in the light of insufficiency. A healthy personality is flexible towards his environment and the people around him; he does not show any rigidity or redundancy in thoughts and actions. A person with a healthy personality moves forward with time and believes in progressive feelings and attitude. All of these qualities construe to the fact that a healthy personality is a personality with positive attitude and a realistic approach towards life. People with healthy personalities live a much healthier life, physically and emotionally. For example, a person with healthy personality has emotional stability, while a person with maladjusted personality is more prone to moodiness, anxiety, stress and negative thinking, which leads to neuroticism, and neuroticism affects the longevity and well being of a person. It is, therefore, suffice to say that people with healthy personalities get to live a long life with physical and mental wellness. A person with well-adjusted personality also has a peculiar trait that he interprets his environment exactly how it is and he knows his strength and weakness in their true capacity. Here are some invaluable quotes about personality that will change your life. To understand a healthy personality in depth, let us study its various characteristics.



Traits Of A Healthy Personality



Rational Self Evaluation: A person with healthy personality looks at himself with realistic approach, for who he really is and not what he would like to be. There is a considerable amount of gap between what is real and what is idealistic in his mind. A person with healthy personality is not guarded or defensive towards others because he does not try to defend himself against the world. He knows his true abilities and inabilities; therefore there is no façade of defense mechanism to try and save himself of the embarrassment of the failures by not taking the responsibility of it and putting it on others. Every criticism for a person with well adjusted personality is constructive criticism. He is willing to listen to others criticize him, knowing that it will make him a better person.


Rational Evaluation Of Rewards: A person with healthy personality will realistically appraise his achievements. His reaction towards them would be pragmatic and he will not get attached to it beyond a healthy measure. It is a trait of a person with unhealthy personality that he takes his rewards too personally and tries to force his superiority over others. This kind of unadjusted person will throw around his weight, brag about his success and make other people feel low about themselves. Someone with healthy personality will always take his success and failure with a pinch of salt and try and evaluate himself realistically. If he has achieved success, he will not let this get to his head and if he has failed then also he will look at the situation for what it is, trying to assess if the failure was because other people in the competition were better than him.


Agreeing With Reality: The well-adjusted person will know about his limitations, whether physical or mental. The fact that he has clarity about his weaknesses, he will be able to improve himself. On the other hand a person with unhealthy personality will always feel self pity for having some sort of limitation and will play the blame game. This will affect his life massively because he will never be able to find ways to compensate for his shortcomings.


Being Responsible: A person with healthy personality recognizes his responsibilities and will always be ready to give in his all to fulfill his duties. He is well aware of the fact that by denying his responsibilities he would have to face social disapproval, which will inevitably affect his confidence levels. He takes responsibility for himself and his actions. If it is his fault then he accepts it gracefully without unnecessarily fighting it. A well-adjusted personality will always admit his mistake. This makes him a reliable person.


Emotional Stability: A person with well-adjusted personality always keeps a check on his emotions, making sure that they are not going out of control and are not hurting anybody else or himself. This kind of person is very comfortable with his emotions and does not hesitate in expressing his emotions in healthy amount. He has, over the period of his life, inculcated in his personality tolerance against stress, depression and anxiety.


Focused: A person with healthy personality will always keep realistic and pragmatic goals, knowing what he can or cannot achieve. While a person with distorted personality will always fail to keep realistic goals for himself, he would constantly either underestimate or overestimate himself. A person with healthy personality is generally organized with his goals while the maladjusted one will not be able to keep his focus and all his resources will be scattered because he would have no clue how to fulfill his unrealistic goal.


Acceptance: A person with healthy personality will always have confidence that he will be able to meet social demands and challenges and he will work hard towards achieving it. He will not live his life primarily for social acceptance but will have full faith in his personality that he will be accepted everywhere he will go. On the other hand, the maladjusted personality will either go out of his way to try and achieve social acceptance or will outspokenly detest it.

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