When it comes to character traits, the negative ones have far more influence than the positive ones. Read below to learn more on positive character traits.

Positive Character Traits

The human character consists of both positive and negative traits. In life, there is a constant battle between these two traits. When positive traits manage to overpower the negative ones, success and growth is the result. Unfortunately, in most people the negative traits are the most enhanced characteristics. Character traits are something that is imbibed more effectively than taught. Right from the childhood, the child absorbs the traits from his/her environment. This is why children should always be kept in the company of people who have a positive outlook. For grownups, to shift the balance from negativity to positivity will require a determined effort and a suitable length of time. Fortunately, positive character traits can be effectively ingrained, provided you know how to go on about it and what traits you should choose. There is an endless list of positive traits and these can be identified by the fact that, such traits are beneficial not only to oneself, but also to others in general. Read below to know more on the various positive character traits.  
Positive Personality Traits
Humility is the ability to stay away from the act of blowing your own trumpet. Humility prevents the person from appearing arrogant. A person with humility has his/her feet firmly planted on the ground, though the head may be up in the clouds. No wonder this character trait is very hard to achieve when one’s achievement is on the rise and the urge to brag becomes uncontrollable.
One can only develop a positive outlook when one has built in oneself a sense of high self-esteem. But take care that you do not border self-esteem with pride and overconfidence. In simple terms, you should not let others take you for granted. But at the same time, you shouldn’t look down upon others when they come for help. When you cultivate self-esteem, you will feel secure and trust yourself.
Patience is the hallmark of all the positive traits. The strength of a person can be determined by how patient s/he is. Patience can help a person in focusing on the goal more clearly. Remember, anyone can go wild and mad at annoying situations or people but it takes a positive person to sort things out patiently and enduringly. 
It is very necessary that one should have faith in one’s ability and this can only be done when one has confidence in oneself. Remember, confidence is one of the most important ingredients for success. However, in the process, do not get overconfident. Though there is a thin line of difference between the two, the end result is way apart. While confidence can lead to success, overconfidence can bring about downfall. So tread the path to confidence cautiously, lest you become overconfident.  
Development of any positive character trait is inherently dependent on optimism. An optimistic person will always see the positive side of any affair, even in the most adverse of situations. When one has the optimism, then depression and other negative thoughts will have less effect on the mind. This, no doubt, will help in giving a balanced view in life.
Consistency is the trait that should be an integral part of one’s character, be it at work or your behavior. When a person is consistent in whatever s/he does, then there is only scope for further improvement in the task. Inconsistency and unpredictability can do more harm than good and ruin your image, be it professionally or personally.
Would you prefer to be all alone at home for the weekend than go out with friends for a weekend getaway? Though this might be confusing to you, but developing all the above positive characteristic traits would go in vain if you are an introvert and shy person. You need to show the world that you are positive person and this cannot be done if you isolate yourself. An outgoing and energetic personality always attracts the company of others. Such people are always termed to be better than introverts, who are often assumed to be arrogant or supercilious.

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