Positive communication technique goes a long way in assuring effective exchange of views & opinions. With this article, explore positive communication skills.

Positive Communication Techniques

Did you know that communication is the key to opening the doors of success and victory? However, most of the times, people do not engage in healthy communications. As such, the results are far from being positive. Effective communications are those that bring in positive results. This can be done if you follow two simple tips - first, try to introduce positive words in your communication and second, communicate in a way that it leads to positive outcomes. For those of you who want to arm themselves with all the information about positive communication techniques, reading this article is a great idea.
Positive Communication Skills
Proper Attention
Being attentive is one of most vital components to engage in positive communication. Listening sets the base for any communication and it is when your listen attentively that perfect communication takes place. This would not only help you understand the other person’s point of view, but also formulate the right opinion. Do not interrupt a person while talking. It makes the communicator lose the trail of thoughts, thereby disrupting the whole process of communication.
Correct Translation
In case you are talking to a person who comes from a different country or follows a different language, communication should be carefully conducted. Words that mean good in our language need not necessarily mean the same in other language. In such circumstances, it is best to translate the information in a language that the receiver can interpret correctly. Talking in a common language is best advised.
Starting On Positive Note
Starting your communication on a positive note sets the pace for effective messages later on. This way, you not only build a healthy relationship, but also make way for better communication. Sometimes, negative or corrective messages are necessary to communicate. However, when topped with healthy doses of positive comments, such messages make way for easier learning.
Respect & Kindness
Every individual is an entity and has opinions and view of his own. As such, when two individuals communicate, it is normal to face a situation wherein there is a difference of opinion. In such circumstances, it is best advised to respect each other's viewpoints and opinions. Do not compel the other person to agree to your school of thought. Use tact and good judgment to come to a common solution. 
Right Body Language
Did you know that almost 90% of the communication is done by your body? Sounds unbelievable, but it is true!! Your eyes, hands and body posture communicate more than you ever thought. For instance, imagine you are in an important board meeting and someone suddenly yawns – it’s a perfect give away that he/she is bored to death. Pose forward a right body language and you would surely have the most positive communication.    
No Blame Game
It is very important not to play the blame game, while you are in a conversation. It negates chances of positive things in the communication, making it extremely unconstructive and pessimistic. Remember, you can only indulge in positive communication when both the speaker and the listener are in a calm mood. Playing the blame game would take you nowhere.
Well Timed Communication
By this, we mean that the time and the place of communication should be proper. It is not feasible to have important discussion in the middle of a hallway or office corridor or around nosy co-workers. Such communications do not result in a positive outcome, which is why it becomes crucial to time the communication well. Arrange for the time that is favorable for both of you and a place that allows positive communication between the two of you.

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