Creative date asking ideas are novel ways of asking someone to spend some romantic time with you. Read on to explore some creative ways to ask someone out.

Creative Date Asking Ideas

Do you want to ask someone out on a date with you? The traditional ways of asking for a date may seem boring to you and even fail to charm the other person. This is where the creative ways of asking for a date come handy. They not only convey your message to your partner, but also convince him/her to say yes. Creative date asking ideas are always fun and highly admirable. Your partner will be able to know some of the basic traits of your personality in the manner you adopt for asking for a date. So, the more creative you are, the more impressed he/she will be. At the same time, both of you will enjoy spending time with each other. We bring your some novel ideas on asking for a date, which will trigger lots of excitement in your partner.
Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out
  • Get matchbox and write down your name as well as your date’s name on its outer cover. On a small slip of paper, write down a short message, “We will make up a great match…What you say?” Keep the match box in a place where he/ she can see easily it.
  • Take a glass or plastic bottle and paste a slip of paper on the outer surface of the bottle. Write a cute message on the paper like “I wish we could go on a date”. Insert another small piece of paper with your name inside the bottle.
  • You can give a packet of dates to your partner and ask “I have gifted you so many dates… Now, it is your turn… Give me at least one.”
  • Get a jar of pickles and paste a piece of paper with your name on the inner part of the cover. On the outer surface of the jar, write a label with the message, “Please don’t say no to my date…or else I will be in a pickle.”
  • Buy an attractive gift and put your name with your proposal inside it. Wrap it in a colorful paper and place at the doorstep of your date.
  • While dining together, with common friends, you can arrange blueberries or strawberries on a plate, in such a manner that they read “Date me?” Do remember to put your name as well as your date’s name in it.
  • You can arrange for a scavenger hunt. Ask one of your mutual friends to give the first clue about you to your potential date. He/she has to find you out using the clue. You can make it trickier by making one clue follow another, so that the last clue reveals your name and your question.
  • Leave a note “Want to Be My Date?” in front of his/her gate. Ring the bell and hide somewhere. The person will come out and be confused to see the note. He/she will try finding you out. After sometime, when he/she has gone inside, keep of bouquet of roses at the doorstep with your name on it and a message reading “Thought you will like the surprise”. Ring the bell again and hide.

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