Sometimes a dry sorry is not enough to better your relationship; rather you need to find creative ways to say I'm sorry. Read on to know how to apologize creatively.

How To Apologize Creatively

“An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything” - Lynn Johnston
It is said that sorry is a magical word and can cure just about anything. However, it is also true that sorry is one of the most difficult words to articulate. And more often than not, we are so preoccupied in our own life that we have no time to think from other person’s perspective, so the question of apologizing hardly arises. Saying sorry is essential, not only to realize our own mistakes, but to be more empathetic as well. However, many a times, just a sorry is not enough to break the ice between you and the person you want to apologize to. Remember that apologizing is an art. Learning to hone the skills of asking forgiveness is very important to maintain a relationship effectively. Learn in this article, about some creative ways to apologize and save your relationship.
Creative Ways To Say I'm Sorry
Make Something Homemade
Making something on your own is a very good way to apologize, as it says that you care. Make a card for the person you have hurt, saying you are sorry. You can also make a collage of different quotes on forgiveness and write a big 'I Am Sorry' in the end. Yet another idea would be to bake a large cake and write, “I'm Sorry” on that. Just remember to be creative and see the person's frown changing into a wide smile.
Write A Song Or Poem
If you can write poetry, there is no better way to apologize than by attributing a song or a poem to the person you have hurt. Write a poem stating how sorry you are and use it to let him/her know how important he/she is in your life. You can find poems online too. Instead of quietly dropping the poem into the person's hand, in the form of a card; sing it on the guitar for him/her.
Send A Message
If you are not able to face the person you have hurt, send a note of apology. Get a beautiful writing pad for the purpose and jot down all your feeling on paper. Make him/her know that you realize your mistake and will not repeat the same in future. Write from your heart and it will surely touch his/her heart as well.
Send A Card
Send a giant-size card to the person you have hurt, which says that you are sorry. Deliver it to his/her place by hand and wait for him/her to discover it and call you up. You can even fill his/ her backyard with cute little cards or hang them from a tree in his/ her backyard. If it's possible, you can even fill his/ her car with cards and other goodies.
Attribute A Quote
Send sorry quotes to the person you have hurt, through email. Personalize them with some of your own words and then send them across. You can even print the quotes on a tee-shirt or on a coffee mug and gift it to him/ her. Yet another idea is to write “I’m sorry” in different languages and send it across.
Hire A Performer
You can recruit a performer to sing your apologies to the person you have hurt. If you can dance or sing, doing it yourself is not a bad idea. However, don’t forget to rent a costume for that. It will surely help break the ice between the two of you and bring back things to normal once again.
Say Sorry With Flowers
Giving flowers represents the most classical form of saying sorry. Buy the favorite flowers of the person you have hurt and send them across, with a note of apology tucked in. You can even send flowers like white rose, which signify apology. Purple hyacinth and white violet are some other meaningful flowers for saying sorry.

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