If writing letter to the editor of a newspaper/magazine is entirely a new experience for you, then read the article. With the tips given here, you will know how to write letter to the editor.

How To Write Letter To The Editor

Although writing letters to the Editor of a newspaper or magazine is nothing new, many people are still not aware of what exactly it is. To put in simple words, the editor of a newspaper/magazine enables the public to be heard, through the 'letters to the editor' column of the publication. People send their comments, opinions and suggestions in the form of a letter, in response to something that has been published in the news story, op-ed or editorial page of the newspaper/magazine.
Letters to the editor are published on the editorial page of a newspaper; while in magazines, they can be featured anywhere on the first few pages. Unlike any other letter, posting a comment to an editor should be done very tactfully, as it extends your reach to millions of readers, through the letter. If you want to get your views published on the particular column of a newspaper/magazine, go through the tips given below and have a complete idea on how to write letter to the editor.
Tips For Writing Letter To The Editor
Have A Reason To Write
You should have a solid reason to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper/magazine. Create a base for your letter. You may choose a recent article, editorial or even a current event. Remember, the Editor's desk receives thousands of letters everyday. You letter would be discarded easily, in case you haven't chosen a specific topic to write on.
Be Specific
Do not assume that your readers know what you have written about, in your letter to the Editor. You need to be very specific about what you write in the letter, but after giving a background on the same. For instance, while commenting upon a recent news story/editorial published in the newspaper/magazine, mention the date and headline of the article, in the letter.
Check The Word Limit
Many newspapers simply reject those letters to the editors that are beyond the stipulated word limit. Therefore, be concise. Write a letter that is short and crisp as well as includes everything that you want to communicate. Arrive at the topic straightaway, without beating around the bush. Writing to the point is the key to come up with an impressive letter to the editor.
Be Polite
Letter to the Editor doesn't give you the freedom to cross your limits, while expressing your opinion. So, do not use harsh language. Maintain a degree of politeness in your language. At the same time, you need to be firm at what you are want to express, to create the maximum effect. Remember, writing for newspapers/magazines is all about the use of correct words, at the right places.
Provide Facts
If you have collected facts about a particular article, feel free to include the same in your letter to the Editor. In the said letter, you may make use of data as well, to support your argument. This would help you to provide a comprehensive comment to the readers. At the same time, do not forget to cross-check the facts for their accuracy.
Include Important Information
After you have finished writing the letter, check whether you have included all the important information in it or not. These include your name, e-mail-id or postal address. Ensure that you have closed the letter with an attractive sentence, which concludes your letter as well as expresses what is in your mind. Also look for grammatical errors, if any, and correct them.

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