Whether it is the etiquette, language or the format, get everything right by learning how to write an appointment letter. Go through the article and get tips for writing an appointment letter.

How To Write Appointment Letter

Peter got his first appointment letter, he opened and read it. There was a natural smile on his face, which clearly depicted his satisfaction, relief and contentment. This is the reaction that a well-typed and cordially directed appointment letter can draw from a person. An appointment letter is one of the most important official documents, which apart from being important for the employee is also important for the employer. One glance at the appointment letter of a company can speak out volumes about the company, its portfolios, the way it functions and about its management. Therefore, an appointment letter, wherein an employer is inviting an employee into his/her organization, should be carefully written, covering all the necessary details. It should be written in a way that it puts across all the information to the concerned person, in a positive manner. Appointment letter should be such that it generates hope and expectation in the new person who is about to join your organization. Get tips on writing an appointment letter by going through the following points.
Tips For Writing An Appointment Letter
  • Address the letter directly to the person with whom you are fixing an appointment or to whom the job has been offered. Direct the letter to the person concerned and provide his/her details on the letter head, so that the letter reaches out to the right person. Also, make sure to include the complete address of the person whom you are typing the letter for. This would make it easier for the letter to be delivered to the person on time.
  • Make sure that you take the printout of the typed letter on the company’s letter head. Since the letter is meant for an official purpose, therefore it is essential to have it on the letterhead and not on a plain sheet of paper.
  • Start the letter with a greeting word, followed by the name of the person. The main body of the letter should contain the relevant details related to the offer and the recruiting precepts. The date of joining, salary and details related to the designation all should be clearly and justly mentioned in the letter.
  • If your appointment letter is guided to invite a person for a meeting to discuss about a job offer or any other professional accomplishment, then describe it clearly in the letter. The tone of your letter in this case should be kept affable, with brief inclusion of all the details about you. The dates of the meeting if you are mentioning, should be precise and clearly stated.
  • Mention the details of the place where the meeting between you and the other person take place. Also, mention the duration of the meeting and if the person needs to carry any documents with him/her.
  • If you are looking in for a quick response, there is no harm in including the specific date or time by when you are expecting to get the response for your letter. Provide your phone number, e-mail address and all other details which will help the other person to contact you.
  • Any form of appointment letter should be based on two principles i.e. it should be precise or to the point and crystal clear in conveying the information it intends to. There should not be any typographical, grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The letter should be closed in a welcome note to make the person feel comfortable and at ease. Once completed, it should be signed by a higher authority to restore the authenticity of the letter.
  • The letter should be drafted in a positive note, which will make the opposite person comfortable in approaching your company. Ensure that the person has no second thought or apprehensive mindset in doing so.

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