Got an important family function to attend and have pending decisions to take? Read on to learn tips on how to write an authorization letter, to confer the responsibility on a trusted person.

How To Write Authorization Letter

Authorization letters are letters that authorize a person, giving him/her the potency over the assigned task or work. Authorization letters cover a wide range of intentions and responsibilities. The letter is generally used to bestow upon a trusted person the responsibility of a medical, legal, business and personal aspect, so that he/she can take important decisions on your behalf. Authorization letters are serious in nature and should be written with utmost care and concentration. The letter should be transparent, with all details of the task crystal clear and understandable, giving no space for any kind of confusion or uncertainty. Due to the serious nature and importance that the letter holds, it is always beneficial for a person to learn and practice how to write an authorization letter. Here are few tips for writing an authorization letter.
Tips For Writing An Authorization Letter
  • An authorization letter should be as professional as possible. The intention of the letter should be expressed thoroughly for the reader to understand it properly. The letter should not be vague about any details, regarding the task you are going to assign. The type of work assigned and its details should be clear, simple to understand, so that there is no room for any misunderstanding.
  • At the time of addressing the letter, jot down the proper name and some qualifying identification code, such as employee code or social security number and so on, of the person to whom you are transferring the responsibility. This would ensure that the individual mentioned in the letter is the same person to whom the duties have been entrusted.
  • The basic outline of an authorization letter should contain the details of the time and date by which you want the work to be completed. There should be no space for any confusion for the reader. Be to the point and specific while mentioning the dates. It would be better to mention the date and time in words, rather than relying on numbers, to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • The means and methods which you want the reader to follow, while performing a specific task should also be mentioned in detail and clearly. Right from accessing specific files and folder in the system to using bank account, everything should be separately and clearly mentioned in the authorization letter, so that the person who is going to perform the task would have no doubts and confusion whatsoever. Your letter should be such that the reader should understand exactly what you want to convey to him/her.
  • Another simple characteristics of a good authorization letter is that it should be brief. An authorization letter is a formal letter and should contain only what is required to be conveyed. For instance, do not write a paragraph to explain a particular task when a single sentence can do the job. A long letter will make the reader lose interest, making him/her miss the important facts and information.
  • An authorization letter is a formal letter and should be written in a distinct business like tone, even if you are writing it to your friend or for a personal task. The first paragraph of the letter should contain the name of the person you want to authorize for the task. In the second paragraph, write the details of the task. Lastly, end the letter with the details of the day and time on which the authorization terminates. In case the period of authorization is indefinite, specify the beginning date and that the authorization will remain in effect, until further notice.
  • If the arrangement requires you and the other person to get into some sort of an agreement, then the terms and conditions of the agreement should be clearly defined in the letter. It should not be vague for the reader to comprehend.

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