Are you confused about how to propose marriage to your beloved? If yes, then this article is just what you need. Read on to explore creative ideas for proposing marriage.

How To Propose Marriage

You have discovered the man/woman of your life and are all set to tie the wedding knot with him/her. Before taking the 'big leap' of your life, check whether you have put across your thoughts to him/her or not. If no, then you should better communicate what is in your mind, to your sweetheart. While there are innumerable ways to propose marriage to a girl or a guy, very few actually work out. There are only a handful of ideas, which are creative as well as romantic enough to make someone say 'yes'. We bring you some the best ideas that will help you know how to propose marriage to your partner.
Creative Ideas For Proposing Marriage
Rent A Billboard
Although opting for outdoor advertising is one of the craziest ways to propose marriage to somebody, it could work out well, if you have put across your thoughts romantically. Browse through the yellow pages for a local advertising agency and hire a billboard for a day. Have the question written on the billboard. Take your beloved for a drive in the evening. As you pass by the billboard, he/she would be surprised to notice what is written on it.
Sky Write
Costly though, sky writing is one of the most romantic ways to propose marriage, which has proved to be a hit. Contact a local skywriting company and plan to have them display your proposal on a day, when the sky is clear. Spend a weekend afternoon at the beach with your loved one and arrange for skywriting your marriage proposal, while you are there.
Say It With Lights
Propose to your significant half with lights! For the purpose, request your local power supplier to display the lights in the evening in such a way that they spell the words 'Marry Me'. Take your beloved to the roof of your apartment. At the calculated time, rest of the lights in your streets would turn off except those, which spell the magical words. It would be a pleasant surprise for your sweetheart.
What Better Place Than Home
Sneak into your beloved's home. Leave a trail of rose petals, to follow, from the doorstep towards his/her bedroom. The moment your beloved reaches the bedroom, by following the trail of rose petals, he/she would find a cute teddy bear sitting at the center of the bed, with a love note tucked to it that reads the magical question - 'will you marry me?'
Plan A Surprise Picnic
A romantic way to propose marriage is to plan a surprise picnic for your beloved. You may take your sweetheart to a destination that is romantic and gives you privacy. Indulge yourself in a romantic conversation with your love, while munching the snacks. At the end of the picnic, spell out the words ' will you marry me?'
Recreate Your First Date
Recreate your first date scenario. This way, you will be able to refresh the fond memories of the first date. In addition, recreation of first date would give you the perfect atmosphere to pop up the question to your beloved. It is definite that your partner would appreciate your thoughtfulness of recreating that pleasant first date experience.
Paint Your Proposal
A fun way to propose marriage to your sweetheart is to write down the question on the street, nearby his/her home. Use chalk or a washable paint, to display your thoughts on the road. After you are done with it, ask your love to meet you at the place, where you have painted your thoughts.

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