If you want to get your man to propose marriage to you, the simple tips given in this article would prove handy. So, read on and know how to get him to propose.

How To Get Him To Propose

You have been in a relationship for quite sometime now! He seems to be the man of your dreams and has all the qualities that make you go weak at knees. However, the only problem is that he never seems to bring in the topic of marriage. You are not sweet-16 anymore and the relationship has progressed beyond the early stages. In other words, you feel that the time is right for you to get married. Still, there seems to be no indication from his side. You don’t want to spoil the relationship and be upfront about the whole affair. At the same, the wait is killing you. What to do now? How to get him to propose you? We will tell you how. Just go through the tips given below, follow them sincerely and find your problem coming to an end.
Get Your Man To Propose Marriage To You
Be Sure Yourself
Much before you start on the task of getting a guy to propose to you, it is very important that you become sure of the fact yourself. In other words, you first need to be sure that you want to get married and then be certain that it is with him only that you want to get married. Unless and until you are sure of this fact yourself, you would never ever be able to able to convince him for the same, be it subtly or otherwise.
Evaluate Him
After you are sure that you want to get married and to him, it is the time to be aware of his views about marriage in general and you in particular. If all that he talks about is his career, especially when it is context of his future, and you see marriage surfacing nowhere, be aware that it is miles away from his mind. However, if he seems to be okay with marriage, but his future plans never seem to include you, forget about the wedding altogether.
Drop Subtle Hints
If you feel that the evaluation resulted in a positive attitude from him, in case of both marriage and you, then it is the time to take a step further. Here is when you start dropping subtle hints about marriage. However, refrain from involving the two of you in it, in particular. For instance, you can point out how a couple that you know is happily married. However, don’t say something like I wish we are also like this, a few years from now.
Don’t Pressurize Him
One thing that you should never ever do, while trying to get a guy to propose to you, is to pressurize him or be too obvious. Never ever keep on running after him with the ‘C’ word (commitment that is). This will only take him miles away from you. Always remember, the more you run after a guy, the more he tries to run ahead of you. Stop doing that and you will find him coming to you, on his own and that too soon enough.
Have Your Own Life
In order to have a guy interested in you, it is very necessary for you to have a life of your own. Keep your own time, hobbies, and passions. Have a friends’ circle beyond your mutual friends and spend time with them. He needs to spend sometime away from you, in order to realize how much he misses you and how much he enjoys being with you. Don’t stick to him at all times, give him some space, stop nagging and have fun in life.

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