Are you looking for tips to get your guy to propose you? If yes, then browse through the article and know how to get your boyfriend to propose.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

The two of you are going steady with your relationship and you know that this is it - he is your dream man. You want to take a step further and tie the nuptial knot, but it seems that your guy is in no hurry. Though a not-so-serious situation, it is surely a frustrating and distressing one! Now, you really feel that the four words 'Will you marry me?' sum up to be a million dollar question. Do you know that, by following certain steps, you can get your boyfriend to propose you? All you need to do is work tactfully and your man will pop up the question himself. In the following lines, we have provided tips to get your guy to propose you. 
How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose 
  • In order to get your boyfriend to propose you, you need to show your interest in a lifetime commitment. Make him aware that you want to spend the rest of your life with him, but in a subtle way. From time to time, say something that gives him a clue about your feelings.
  • While getting your guy to propose to you, make sure you do not bombard him with the idea of marriage. He would not like it, for sure. You need to act very subtly.
  • Another effective way to make him realize that the two of you make the best pair would be to point out your shared interests and common goals. This would surely serve as a great hint for your boyfriend.
  • It is not what to say, but what you do, that impresses people. Instead of just blabbering, show him your concern, love and care by doing something special. For instance, you can assist him in a tough task or cook a meal for his family members or give chocolates to his younger sister. This would definitely ring the bells in the mind of your boyfriend.
  • Be kind, thoughtful and sincere towards him. Guys love girls who are empathetic, so be one!!
  • Sometimes it’s the lack of opportunity that restrains a guy from proposing. Get over this hurdle by creating opportunities for him. For instance, you can plan a candlelight dinner, arrange a romantic evening or spend a weekend together.
  • Bring out the topic of marriage and wedding, in general, enough times to make him notice. However, do not end up talking about matrimony all the time. Encourage him to share his thoughts about getting married as well.
  • Talk about the newlywed couples, who had been boyfriend-girlfriend earlier. Point out their successful marriage or how happy they are together and how you wish the same for yourself.
  • Praise your boyfriend and let him know that he is the perfect one for you. While you can say this directly when the two of you are alone, drop subtle hints amidst friends.
  • Lastly, do not lose patience. At times, getting your boyfriend to propose can result in a long wait. So, be ready for continuing your efforts over a long period of time. Good luck!

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