Proposing a girl is a one-of-a-kind event in a person’s life. Read below to know the different ways to propose a girl.

Ways To Propose To A Girl

Proposing a girl is truly a creative and sentimental endeavor. The fate of the guy hangs on just a nod or a smile or a few tears, but its effects are life changing. Leaving the serial proposer aside, for the rest, the moments before the much anticipated question is popped out are one of the most brutal tortures that one likely can undergo. The anticipation, the excitement, the joy and the fear all combine to make the person nothing more than a bundle of nerves. Thus, proposing a girl requires much preparation and thought. After all, none of you would like to mar the occasion by any unforeseen glitch! So, unlike what many people think, the preparation should first begin with yourself. This is very important in order not to appear fake, and blow the proposal! Also, you should not overdo it. Simplicity is always sweet and it has its fair share of rewards too. Also, remember that girls treasure originality, romance and emotion. So include all these aspects in your proposal. Foremost, trust yourselves and your partner and the rest will be easy. To know more on how you can propose to your girl, read the article given below.
How To Propose A Girl
Dreamy Sequence!
The age old tradition of popping out the question by going down on the knees with a rose in one hand and love in the eyes may sound all cheesy and mushy, but the method wins hand down! After all, which girl wouldn’t like her man to go out of the way and do something as dreamy as this? It is surely the most favorite method of proposing a girl and manages to melt the heart of any girl even now. It is also the most chivalrous way to ask the girl for her hand. However, make sure that you propose her in this way at an appropriate location, so that the environment and the occasion blends together to heighten the effect.
All At A Meal!
Another tried and tested way is to take your girl out for a romantic dinner date. Make sure that the restaurant you decide upon includes all her favorite dishes. For a more special touch, you can contact the restaurant beforehand and make some additional arrangements. Flowers, candles, balloons, candy bouquets—just about anything can be chosen for making the moment dramatic and impressive. Just remember not to overdo anything. Propose her over a glass of champagne, with a diamond ring. Another idea to make the moment all sweet and sugary would be to ask her over dessert. Ask the restaurant manager to inscribe the words “Will you marry me?” at the bottom of the dessert bowl, so that when she finishes the dish, she sees the proposal at the bottom. She is sure to get swooned over by this and there would be nothing other than a ‘yes’, for an answer!
First Date
The first date is always a very special occasion. The memory always stays in the mind and if the journey so far has been worthwhile to continue further, then the first date deserves a remembrance! Recreating the first date is also a very good way to propose your girl. Go to the place where you first went for a date. In case you haven’t had any major change in your body statistics since then, you can wear the same dress as you did for the date. In short, recreate the moment so that both of you are transported to that time. Music, food, ambience and the place will all be factors that will provide a romantic touch to your quest. When both of you are lost in nostalgia, pop out with that question.
Take your girl out to the woods or a beach for a romantic picnic. Make sure that the beach is lonely and the woods not dense. The point is to have time alone together, without having to ward of people or animals. In the beach, you can either write your proposal in the sand or do that with seashells. In woods, tree barks can be effective billboards for your proposal. Make sure that you carry a good sized hamper with food and wine and champagne. Sitting on a hilltop or on a rock, both of you can watch the sun go down together, hand in hand!

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