Communication skills activities are fashioned to bring out the best in individuals and give their life a defining edge. To know more on communication skills exercises, read on.

Communication Skills Activities

Wish to be the new Bill Gates, Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs? Well, you don’t really need to have wealth of degrees to be a leader, but just the right communication skills. When creaming for a successful life, the last thing you can really afford to do is finish up as a communication geek. Does not really matter if you are the ‘Einstein’ of your team, unless you know to pitch in your ideas well, there is nothing saving you from going down as the unsung underdog in life. Unfortunately, communication is one area where most people tend to bungle up. This is where the need for effective communication skill activities steps up. One of the effective ways to teach communication skills is through exercises and activities. Communication skill activities help individuals to open up and leave one with a winner’s attitude. Check out the following communication activities and get honing your interpersonal skills. To know more, read on. 

Communication Skills Exercises

For Tots

Tell A Tale
Kids absolutely go gaga over stories and what better ways to boost their communication skills than urge them to ‘knit’ their own yarn. However, before you begin the exercise, just gang up with the kids and recite a fable from a storybook. After you are done, scatter the laminated cutouts of the story in front of the kids and ask them to assemble the pieces in sequence. Once they are done, press each child to narrate their own version of the tale. 

Take bits of paper marked with familiar words.  Ask each child to pick a chit and speak on the selected topic for at least forty seconds. The delivery should be short and simple. This exercise is alike extempore speech where the kids are encouraged to speak freely sans any interruption. 

For Children 

What’s It?
To do this exercise effectively, you will need a group of five to seven players. Blindfold one of the players and make him stand in one corner of the room. Now place objects that warrant elaborate description to understand, such as, a screwdriver, laundry basket, guitar, icemaker etc. Now ask the rest of the players to come one by one and elucidate the features of the object to their blindfolded friend who has to identify the object within the stipulated time. 

Draw The Lines!
For this activity, you will need two players. Make the two players stand in a straight line. Hand over a blank drawing sheet to the first player and give a copy of an image drawn to the next player. Make sure that the drawing has geometrical figures and shapes. Instruct the second kid to give directives to the first player to help him outline the object, without revealing its identity. 

For Teenagers 

This is perhaps one of the best ways to boost effective oratory and communication skills among teens. You will need four to five players to begin with. Give the players an imaginary situation like dealing with an important client or convincing a customer to buy a new product. Urge the actors to improvise the situation on their own, interact, and apply verbal communication techniques to play their part. 

Diary Writing
Another interesting exercise to boost effective communication among young teens is diary writing. The best thing about keeping a diary is that the youngster can be encouraged to pelt down his or her emotions, thoughts, feelings, views and opinions without the fear of being opposed or snubbed. This is also one of the better ways to improve one’s written communication skills.

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