Have you started feeling more for your best friend than just the friendship? Do you often ask yourself ‘Am I in love with my best friend’? Find out how to know if you love your best friend.

Am I In Love With My Best Friend

Have you been feeling the tinkling sensations in your tummy lately whenever you see your best friend? Does your heart beat faster every time he/she is around? Have you started feeling special for that person? Are you often confronted with the question “OMG, am I falling in love with him/her?” Do you think you should walk up to him/her and express your feelings? You would be on cloud nine if that person feels the same for you, but what if you are rejected? Won’t that bring your world to an end? Also, you would probably lose the friendship shared between the two of you. Prepared to take that risk? But just before you take that risk or shun it away, ask yourself whether you genuinely love that person or it is just an infatuation. To confirm your feelings, it is always better to discover the signs of falling in love with your best friend rather than behaving stupid and confessing your love for your friend, only to realize that it was just an attraction. Scroll further to know the different signs of falling in love with your best friend.
How To Know If You Love Your Best Friend
He/She Is Your World
If you truly love your best friend, you are surrounded by his/her memories all the time. You can spend hours thinking about him/her and visualizing the moments spent together in the past. Further, the very thought of that person distracts you from concentrating on your work.
Everything Reminds Of Him/Her
Your day-to-day schedules and activities always remind you of him/her. Any work that you are involved in reminds you of the related memories of the moments shared with him/her. If this is the case, dude, you are definitely falling for your best friend.
He/She Is Your First Priority
Though best friends have always been there for each other in good and bad, but when this care increases to protection, it is a sure-shot sign of falling in love. You start caring for your friend more than before and are ready to do anything for his/her happiness and comfortability. In short, he/she is your first priority.
Efforts To Look The Best
Have you noticed a change in your dressing style? Do you spend hours in front of the mirror or at the parlor to look beautiful or well-groomed? If yes, then you are on the verge of falling in love. You are more concerned about your appearance and personality so that you look attractive to him/her.
You’ve Become A Spendthrift
You have always been the cautious types when it comes to time or spending money. However, lately there has been a certain drift in your demeanor. You have started becoming least concerned about the time or spending money when with your best friend. Also, you spend hours searching for the perfect gift for him/her without worrying about its cost.
You Trust Him/Her Blindly
You have been best friends with him/her for long now, which naturally calls for strong faith and trust. But, if you have started liking that person, somewhere deep in your heart you know that he/she will never break your trust come what may. You rush to him/her whenever you receive good news to share your joys. You always look upon him/her whenever you are low. If you experience all these feelings, it simply shows that you trust your best friend more than anyone else.

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