Boys! Can’t live with them. Read this article to bag a boyfriend and figure out if you miss being single.

How To Find A Boyfriend

It’s your eighteenth birthday! You blow the eighteen multi-coloured candles on your chocolate cake and make a wish for a boyfriend, your first boyfriend. The party people blow whistles and break into song. Your overfed cousins Ram and Sham grab you by the legs. Oh no! You think you’re way too old for birthday bumps. In fact, you should be doing things that rhyme with it. Fret Not! It’s never too late. Learn to love yourself before you get into a romantic relationship. Disregard the irrational judgments launched in your direction. Take your time, you can’t hurry love. However, you cannot rely on the silly notion that love will just happen. To get what you want, you have to try. Your shining knight in armour certainly won’t rain down from the sky. He will be around. You might have even unintentionally crossed paths with him. Who knows? We can’t leave everything to chance and destiny. Words can’t be written on paper without the motion of our wrists. So go ahead write chapters of love as you walk that extra mile. Ruminate on the valuable advice on finding boyfriends given below and get lucky!

Finding A Boyfriend

Build Confidence
So you might not have Beyonce’s perfect curve or Angelina Jolie’s delicious lips. Big deal! I’m sure that you have a covetable trait that they don’t have. You should build a box of evidence! Collect a bunch of birthday cards, gift tags, letters and messages that emphasize your worth. Toss them into a box and keep visiting it whenever you’re nearing an emotional meltdown. Not only do you feel better, but little by little, you will perk up your self-esteem.

Step By Step
One fine day, you look in the mirror and whisper to yourself- “Hey, I’m not bad at all!” As you load up on confidence levels, you will find it easier to venture out and explore. Social interaction isn’t as hard as you thought it was. Broaden the spectrum of your social circle and start hanging out with new women (or social butterflies). Once you’re already in the loop, don’t be surprised if you find a charming man making a move on you. No doubt, you ought to come off as approachable and available. Do not hold back. Being “shy” is misinterpreted as sending cold vibes. Be at ease and the rest will be a breeze.

Look In The Right Places
Before you set out on a scavenger hunt for a man, figure out what your type is! You do not expect to find a calm and quiet guy at a rave party or a bad boy biker enthusiast at a salsa dance class. If you want a brainy boyfriend, you could join a chess club or a metaphysics discussion forum. Attend events and social rallies you feel strongly for. You never know, you might just hit it off with the guy standing beside you.

No Expectations, No Disappointments
Never expect too much. Invest some time in getting to know the man well. Don’t rush into silly topics like “do you want to have children” on your first date. He might make a bad first impression. So what? Everybody deserves a second chance. Go with the least of expectations and chances that you’ll walk to your doorstep content are very likely!

Makeover Time!
Get Gorgeous! Change your hideous hairstyle and get something groovy. Something that best suits the shape of your face. Shave or wax off unpleasantly hairy spots. Buy some make-up. You know they often do wonders. Whiten your teeth with dental floss. Get some sexy push-up bras and irresistible thongs.

Feed Honey to the Bees
Smile! Never frown. If you, things will continue to remain down. Be moderately seductive of you think you have strong contenders on board. Body Language can change the way a guy sees you completely. To kiss you, he might either be compelled or repelled. Be cool and watch them drool. Entice them with your charm until you know without the shadow of a doubt, that you have the guy wrapped around your finger. Always be ready for new meat!

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