It is easy to feel a little haunted by that 'one who got away', making you pine for a reunion soon. Here are some ways on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

Do you still twitch with hope every time you see your ex hit the coffee lounge or idle away your days cursing yourself for the ugly snag? Do you seriously repent slamming him and wish you had held your brakes then? Doesn’t matter if you have split off amicably or blew it off on a dramatic note, break-offs are seriously heart-wrenching affairs that are never easy to deal with. Worse, if your heart still pines for him and hopes for a reunion. It is fairly sane for a girl to ache for the same guy, once the two have called it off for no probable reasons, blame it on the complicated women mind, if you will. If you too think that dumping on your old flame was a disastrous idea and you aim for a hook-up again, reading the following tips on how to get your boyfriend back will help. Just take a quick run through the following tips and get falling in love once again, all and more with your beloved ex.
Tips For Making Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back
  • You and your guy had sworn against each other and headed for the split. But now the odds are over and you want him back. However, before you jump the gun and head for a hook-up again, just pause to think if you still harbor the same good feelings for him or are you just plain bored of your single status and want a patch up? Also, it is important to note the nature of your past alliance with him - did you share a healthy bond, why did you guys break up and more. Only when you are doubly sure of your feelings, reach out for him.
  • Hit it off on a casual note, than trying to be all clingy and close, when reuniting over a rendezvous or just chatting online. Being casual rather than outright formal will take the temperature off the things, while still keeping the steam on. Watch out for his response. If he is curt and quick in his answers, you better take the exit route. However, if he is all warm and nice and tries to dig deep, understand that the flame is still on and you still run a chance of making things work.
  • Before you head for a second innings, do make sure that your ex is still available. This will just save you from another heart sting. You can check out with his friends or social networking sites to get the picture clear. However, be careful when doing so. After all, you would not like to give an impression of being too nosey!
  • Once you are sure that your ex is all alone and may be deep down still pining for you, fixing a quick date without any ado can put your patch-up mission on a quick track. You can suggest a low-key meet over a coffee or just propose to visit one of your old haunts together to rekindle old memories and set pace to your actions. A familiar setting will only add to the flame and set a new love liaison ablaze.
  • Keep your chat casual but yes, don’t forget to remind him of all those cute, funny, memorable moments spent together. This will conjure up all the old memories and who knows, may set off the sparks again! You can add more personal touch to your warm gesture by making light physical touches like brushing his knees or fingers. If he pulls away, then it may sound a bad news. If not, you are all on!
  • Don’t get carried away! Keep a tab on your emotions and consider things calmly. Remind yourself why this relationship failed in the first instance and does it still hold the potential of a better future. Only when you have answered all your apprehensions convincingly, do reach out for his hand and heart again.

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