Dealing with a micromanaging boss, who looks over your shoulder at every available opportunity, can be annoying. Read the article to know various tips on how to deal with a controlling boss.

How To Deal With A Controlling Boss

While working in an organization, it is very essential to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss. Although some bosses have a laissez-faire approach and will let you get on with things, other bosses are too controlling and will attempt to micro-manage your every move. Dealing with an overly controlling boss can be very stressful and difficult, particularly when he is always looking over your shoulder. Everyone wants freedom and deserves at least some of it at work, especially from the dreaded micromanaging boss. Read through the following lines to know different tips on how to deal with a controlling boss.
Dealing With A Micromanaging Boss
Pre-empt His Questions
If you know that your boss is looking over your work on a regular basis, ensure that you have all the facts in hand, to reassure him that you know what you are doing. Prepare a weekly report to show him what exactly you have achieved and what you yet need to do. Although you will not feel comfortable doing this, it will help keep your boss off your back. This will be worth it, for your peace of mind.
Be Honest
Honesty serves as the best policy in working relationships, especially in an organization. Ensure that you have regular review meetings, so that your boss gives you an opportunity to talk on any matters that would be bothering you. Make him feel comfortable and explain politely that his micro-management makes you feel on the edge. Ask him for the reasons behind this behavior.
Prove Yourself
Prove yourself at work, in order to gain respect and the freedom to work on your own. This goes without saying and should be well understood by you. Get yourself noticed by all your colleagues, seniors and juniors. Once your boss notices that you are being deeply appreciated by all employees, it is possible that he will start relaxing. This will assure him that you are more than capable of doing the job in hand.
Know Your Boss Socially
Various social events are often linked to work, which you need to and should attend. Even though mixing with a boss you dislike can be an unpleasant prospect, but making an effort to get to know him would be worth it. We are naturally suspicious of people we don’t know, but in time, we realize that the person is not as rude as we thought earlier. This is possible in the case of a controlling boss too. Meeting your boss outside work can probably soften his attitude towards you. Enquire about his family, hobbies, past experience, etc and hopefully, you will be able to build up a different relationship with him.
Report To Your Seniors
If all the above suggestions have failed to soften your micromanaging boss, it is better if you talk to someone senior about the matter. This could help you change your boss or even department, to ease out the situation. It is quite possible that your seniors are aware of your condition - that you are unhappy with the way you are being treated - and will help keep you content.
Change Jobs
If you are experiencing the worst, even after taking all the necessary measures, the only option is to move on. Find a new job and hand in the notice. While handing the notice, state your reason for leaving the job clearly - that it is because of your relationship with your boss. This is the last resort to your problems. The management might notice that the same problem has occurred before and the person in question really has a problem, which needs to be dealt with seriously.

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