Controlling anger outbursts is an essential step to maintain internal and external peace. With this article, explore some of the effective ways on how to control anger outbursts.

How To Control Anger Outbursts

Life is full of meeting unwelcome people and facing unwanted and annoying circumstances. As such, even the calmest of person would agree having faced a situation, when he/she lost temper and experienced an anger outburst. While some psychologists may claim that anger outburst is a good way to give an outlet to the negative energies, most of you would agree that more than often, it makes us land up in embarrassing position. Controlling temper is the first step to ensure reduced stress levels and improved relationships. Just when you feel that you would be gripped in temper tantrum, resort to any of the following ways listed below and relieve yourself from the anger outbursts. The techniques, explained in the following lines, would help you know how to control anger outbursts.
Ways For Controlling Anger Outbursts
Deep Breathing
Though you might have heard it a number a times, deep breathing, undoubtedly, is one of the most beneficial ways to avoid anger outburst. It helps soothe your negative energies and provides a relaxing and calming feeling. Many people have claimed that anger outbursts are best dealt with this technique. No matter what is the intensity of your anger, all you need to do is just close your eyes, relax your mind and take a deep breath. A sixty second indulgence in this technique and swoosh - your anger would be heavily subsided!!
Tune To Music
Did you know that music has healing properties? If no, then you are definitely in for a revelation. Music goes a long way in dipping the rising anger levels, thereby cooling both the mind and the body. Just when you think that you might get trapped into a pool of bad mood and anger; switch on the music system and listen to some of your favorite songs. This way you would instantly dip your anger or rage and get back to the normal state of mind. 
Meditation & Yoga
Experts have claimed the benefits of meditation and yoga for the mind, soul and the body. However, did you know that by indulging in regular meditation or yoga, you might be able to control your anger outbursts as well? Meditation and yoga have positive effect on the mental and physical being of a person. Also, regular indulgence in the two ensures better mind control, thereby helping in anger management.
Energy Conversion
Does this sound physics or mathematics to you? Well, do not get scared as herein, energy conversion is the phrase given to convert the negative energies produced by anger into positive driving force. There are two ways to use the energy created by anger - you can either use it negatively or make it as a stepping stone to overcome the stimulus that caused anger in the first place. This way you can curb the anger outburst  and at the same time conquer your flaws.
Believe in FLOW
This might seem French to you, but using the FLOW technique is the best way to deal with anger outbursts. For this, you need to first ‘Focus’ at your mental state. Tell yourself that you would not explode your anger. Repeat this for several times until the message has sunk deep into your mind. Once this is done, go onto the next level, i.e. ‘Listen’. Anger mostly arises due to conflict or disagreement. So, the next step would be to listen to the other’s point of view and try to rationalize it.
Next step would be to act ‘Objectively’. When we are angry, we mostly take things or arguments personally. Instead, think objectively as this will help you understand the situation in a mature way. The last step would be to ‘Wait’ for the right time. Most people would agree that instant reaction is the main problem for anger management. You should wait and reflect for sometime about the consequences of angry outburst. Waiting is the best indicator for anger management.

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