Active reading is important as it keeps your mind dynamic and promotes the flow of fresh ideas. Explore the article to know more about the importance of reading.

Why Reading Is Important

“A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others” is a famous perspective on the importance of reading by the erstwhile U.S president, Abraham Lincoln. Reading enlightens your mind, broadens your horizon, expands your knowledge and opens up new avenues for you. Just as our body needs its daily dose of nutrients, our mind also seeks nourishment that comes through reading. It keeps your mind active and dynamic. The article dwells at length on the importance of reading. Read on to know why it is so important.
The Importance Of Reading
Develops The Mind
Our mind needs regular exercise to develop and reading is the most effective way to do that. Reading the written word and developing an understanding of it is a skill that is cultivated overtime by the habit of reading. Reading books also help to develop one’s listening ability which is very important to succeed in every aspect of life. Most people tend to speak more and listen less, which should ideally be the other way round. Apart from developing your mind, reading also develops your listening ability.
Develops One’s Creative Side
Reading is one of the best ways to give a creative orientation to one’s mind. When you read a story, you are constantly wondering what will happen next. This often makes you imagine a sequence of events in your mind on how the story will unfold further. Gradually, when your power to imagine develops, you are able to make better guesses and determine the course of the stories or fictional novels you read. Reading involves creative imaginations thereby promoting ingenious thinking.
Expands Knowledge-Base
Irrespective of how much knowledge your mind can store, the scope to feed it with new things, always remain wide. A well-read person is a reservoir of knowledge as reading helps one to know about new things and analyze them in his/her own inventive way. The more you read, the more enlightened you are, and there is no denying the fact that ‘Knowledge is Power’. Gaining knowledge empowers you mind and broadens its range.
Activates The Flow Of Ideas
It is rather interesting to note that people who are fond of reading soon transform into a bubbling cauldron of fresh ideas. Active reading ignites your mind and arms it with new and creative ideas, which you can use in just about every aspect of your life. A dynamic flow of ideas also makes you an interesting person to be with as your mind is not static and you will always have something vital to contribute to every discussion.
Boosts Your Confidence
Ever wondered why erudite people are so confident? Since knowledge empowers your mind, a learned person knows that he maintains a slight edge over other people, no matter how talented they are. A well-read person is always oozing with confidence for “he/she knows”. Knowing things makes you feel self-assured and gives you the confidence to voice your opinions and be assertive about them.

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