Facial features provide you with a better understanding of a person's mind. Read on to know more.

How To Read Faces

Reading somebody else’s facial expression or assuming their characteristics is a gift. Of course, we could always go wrong and it’s unfair to judge a book by its cover. However, the test of time has proved that by the common man’s consensus, face reading is an art that if utilized appropriately, usually generates accurate interpretations. You wouldn’t want to chat up the girl at the bar when she’s most likely to spit venom upon your wishful face. An employer would be a fool to hire a mute baboon gnawing on his nails and blinking faster than a butterfly fluttering its wings. The right body language is of growing importance in several spheres of life. Moreover, reading faces has turned into a newfound hobby for many. One’s enhanced abilities to read faces often lead to portrayal of increased self-consciousness amongst the diffident. Although everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, after sufficient personal interaction is entitled to practice his observation powers on the subject of interest and thus achieve strong insights on that other person’s innermost thoughts and perceptions. Garner a few interesting guidelines to reading faces as you reach the end of this article.

Face Reading Tips
  • Stare intently into their eyes. Try not to be too conspicuous, for you will cause that person tremendous discomfort. Through a person’s eyes, you can infer whether they’re tired, depressed or highly engrossed in something. Dark circles convey fatigue, redness in the eyes may imply that person has been sobbing and when a person’s pupils dilate, it is believed that he or she is deeply engaged in conversation.
  • When a person witnesses the world through small eyes, he or she is said to have an eye for detail, while people gifted with big eyes are known to be kind and loving. Observe those with close-set eyes and you will notice that they have a better power of concentration than those with eyes wide apart who generally have a very broad minded nature. If you can see white between the lower eyelids and the iris, that person is probably trapped in panic mode.
  • Lips may often indicate who is hardworking and responsible. Surprisingly, people with small mouths are believed to have high levels of concentration. Do you love to have fun and live for the moment? If so, then you most probably have fuller or thicker lips. Obviously, when they smile, you can tell that they’re happy. When they’re frown, they’re either sad or angry. Remember that a smile without the use of the eye and mouth muscles would be a “polite” or “fake” smile. When a person bites his or her lip signifies that they’re reeking nervousness. Licking lips could signify hunger or lust.
  • Skin colour is another great determinant of one’s true emotions or physical condition. A pale complexion signifies illness, surprise or nervousness. Say you are about to collide your vehicle against a truck, your skin is bound to go pale. A reddish brown complexion may insinuate that the person is embarrassed or slightly irritated.
  • The shape of somebody’s face conveys a lot about their personality. Long and thin faces often signify a high level of tolerance and endurance. People with long faces usually possess an attractive nature and a lot of charisma. Broad faces denote intense compassion, while people with round faces are highly likely to liven up an atmosphere and are very emotional in nature. Guys with round faces prefer stable and long term relationships, not to mention they usually have very vivid sexual fantasies. Many Oblong faced individuals tend to be workaholics with athletic physiques. Triangular shaped faces are generally equated with creativity and intellectuality.
  • A small nose indicates that the person is weak-minded while a hooked nose that he or she is self centred and uncertain. Large noses signify strong characters, while the big ones blunt tips signify practicality. When it comes to long pointy noses, we think Pinocchio. Maybe only time could answer that question.
  • Check your own reflection in the mirror under good lightning. See if your facial characteristics match your personality and apply these face reading skills on everybody else henceforth.

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