Often wonder why the girl sitting next to you manages to capture all the eyeballs, while you are not even looked upon? Read on to know what attracts men to women.

What Attracts Men

While all the women across the world are busy pondering over what men want, let’s take some time out and see why all this hoopla is being caused. Men and women were created by the same process, then what is it that differentiates them so much that women have yet not been able to figure out the male sex. The answer is a no-brainer. Nothing! There is absolutely nothing that is extra difficult about understanding men. Men are straight forward and seem to be more desperate in their attempts at understanding women and that desperation just keeps rolling them over and over again in their self created maze. Women, on the other hand, tend to maintain a low profile in their pursuit and follow the age old wisdom of grannies in their conquest of men. For the world may seem like a different place these days; but the basic way to a man’s heart hasn’t altered much over ages. Let’s take a look at those small little things that make men go head over heels about women. Let’s check out what attracts men. 
What Attracts Men To Women
Physical Aspects
No woman can be called a woman unless she has a graceful body conduct. Make sure you don’t walk or talk like men. Remember, you want them to fall for you, and not consider you as one of them and drag you to the field for a violent soccer game.
Ah the charms of healthy and shiny locks! You may be the curly blonde or the straight hair brunette, the idea is not to change your style, but to carry what you have with elegance. Because men won’t fall for smelly straight hair any more than they would for terribly unruly curls!
You do know they talk, don’t you? Eyes do most of the talking and can bore deep into your man’s heart whenever you want. But please, do not try the fake butterfly blink. They’ll think you are just demented. Stay genuine, be what you are and your eyes would automatically run their charm.
Pout is not always in. Ms. Jolie may have had her way with men owing to that pout of her, but that doesn’t make Demi Moore any less desirable. So, the idea is not to puff up those lips, but keep them coated with light sensuous gloss or nudes. That would have your man dreaming about them all day (and night) long.
Nothing catches a man’s attention more than a disarming genuine smile. Flash those teeth a few times (especially at his jokes) and see the wonder that little twitch of your jaw does.
Men don’t care much for fat women and they definitely don’t like the skin and bone case either. Women must be shapely and with right proportions. So, get that body of yours to workout regularly, because, a hot body is the first thing they’ll notice.
Ok you can’t be dumb and likeable and neither is that hot body and great hair going to survive you in the long run. Ladies, please do not underestimate the power of plain intelligence. Nobody is asking you to get into heated debates over Newton’s laws, but if you can’t reciprocate to his basic humour—you are done for the decade!
Shall I, shan’t I? Now that is the most undesirable thing that a man can come across. Be sure, take control but not to the extent of being a control freak. Your confident gait is what will keep them interested in you long after they have gotten over their initial hormonal rush.
Happy is the word men look for. Kindly stay away from self-pity or mood swings. As much as you’d hate it, men don’t care much about your PMS, so better, try keeping it friendly. And yes, remember cheerfulness and hysteria are different. So, don’t you get into deliberate laughing fits to prove the point. The point it’ll prove is not the one you would intend to.
You can’t giggle your way to glory with men. What that means is that being happy and cheerful is different, but being overtly demanding, pushy and stereotypically sensitive is a wet blanket—it will kill their interest even before it is piqued
Dress well and move well. Because a well dressed plain Jane is any day a price catch over an ill-dressed diva. And yes, do not mix intelligence with geekiness. While no one asks you to sit and bear the brunt of jokes all time, reciting textbooks after textbooks of science is definitely not a good way of showing your knowledge. So, make sure you keep the humor light, non-silly and intelligent.

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