Doing an internship enhances your understanding of your studies and gives you a leg up on the job market competition. Browse through this article to know the importance of internship.

Importance Of Internship

You have just graduated from an A- or B-grade college and are all set to go through the intensive interview process with a killer cover letter, great marks and glowing recommendations. But your resume misses out to mention one important item - internship. If you think that this one miss can cause no harm, think again! You need to be extremely lucky to get the position at your dream company without internship by your side. Such is the importance of an internship program that a student is required to go through to achieve a good job in a good company. Graduating students with paid or unpaid internships are at a higher chance of landing up at a full-time position. Due to this vital advantage of obtaining a better career, students opt for undergoing internships even as undergraduates. Hence, it is not unusual for graduates to take up internships in the hopes of turning it into a permanent position or at least building a fruitful resume. With rapid changes in the economy, the nature of work is, as well, changing drastically. Read through the following lines to know more on the significance of internship.
Significance Of Internship
Provides Experience & Knowledge
Classroom studies are confined only to books and theoretical learning. Application of these theories and lectures delivered in classrooms differ a little from the set format. Through internship, students get not only get a first-hand experience of these theories, but also learn the applications of these theories in real challenges. Also, the company exposure allows students to enhance their knowledge and contribute it to the company in their specialized fields. For example, doing an internship in an advertising company exposes the students to the various processes that are equally important as those taught in the school as strategies.
Improves Skills
Several skills and tasks are necessary to accomplish a job effectively and efficiently. These skills are imparted to a student during his tenure as an intern. It exposes him to skills, such as oral and written communication, presentation, leadership, planning, time, and project management. No matter how simple or difficult the task is, students are taught to take up the challenge and polish their skills to prove themselves to their seniors or employers.
Boosts Self-Confidence
Doing an internship is a great learning experience in itself. The entire journey of internship allows a student to identify his strengths and weaknesses, and use both of them to the best advantage of his job and company. While going through the interview process for entering the company internship, the first question put up to students is about narrating their positive and negative traits and how they can prove themselves fit for the said position. This real life experience allows them to judge themselves as to where they stand and identify their abilities of completing the given tasks. All in all, undergoing an intensive internship program boosts the self-confidence of students and motivates them towards facing big opportunities in future.
New Career Opportunities
Internship is the first ladder to success. Doing an internship in a specialized field helps students to build up a good network. When a student enters a company, he is not regarded as an intern (despite being one), but as an employee who will give his best to the company. Further, if the intern is successful in proving himself worthy for the company, he may just land up getting a permanent position in the same company after completing the internship program.
Real Corporate Feel
Another major advantage of doing an internship is working in the real corporate environment, without having to leave school or college. Internship programs are carried out during school breaks and last for a month to a year, thus allowing students to experience the workplace atmosphere. These programs are seen as great opportunities to utilize the time and knowledge to gain understanding and experience and make the most out of it in terms of converting it into a prospective career.

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