If you're a guy looking out for a girl and are keen to know what makes guys attractive, check out this article and find out what attracts women to men.

What Makes Guys Attractive

Attraction is ahead of our will or ideas at times. In fact, different people have different tastes, when it comes to liking or attraction towards people of opposite sex. Like some girls like muscular guys, some like cutie pies, some like intelligent ones and the list goes on. But it is true that our physical appearance communicates a lot of inherent and obvious information about us, like our age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, personality characteristics, etc. So, when it comes to the question — what makes guys attractive? — it depends on the liking and taste of a particular person. If you're keen to know how to appear more attractive to women, check out the given tips and woo your girl with your well-groomed look.

What Attracts Women To Men
  • Like guys attract towards girls with curvaceous figure, girls too, like boys with a well-toned body. So, exercising can be the headway to attract girls with your well-shaped body. It may include basic stretches, push ups, weight lifting, walking, cycling, etc. However, don’t overdo the exercises because girls usually don’t like very muscular guys.
  • Switch to healthy foods, as what you're eating reflects on your face. Say if are eating fresh fruits, vegetables and organic food, your skin will get a beautiful glow. Don’t munch often, and avoid junk food.
  • Drink a lot of water as it will improve the clearness of your skin. Avoid the intake of soda and carbonated drinks. If you really want to have soda or any drink, better take club soda with lemon in it.
  • Smelling good is one other feature that men should take care of. Shower every morning and use nice smelling soap or body wash. Don’t wear very strong perfumes or deodorants, rather take light scents. Use a good perfume, so that the fragrance lasts longer.
  • To keep your teeth stainless, avoid smoking. Unclean teeth are a bid turn-off for girls. Moreover, smoking makes you smell bad; so avoid it at any cost. Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue in an effective manner. To avoid bad breath, carry mints with you and stay clear of foods like garlic and onions. 
  • Get a masculine-looking haircut, as most of the girls don’t like men with ponytails and long hair. Moreover, a short hair-cut gives a cleaner look. If your hair is not manageable, use hair gel or mousse to set them. Keep your hair clean, wash them in 2-3 days with good anti-dandruff shampoo and then condition them.
  • Keep your nails clean. Yes, it sounds weird but girls actually don’t like untidy nails. Forget about biting fingernails and use nail-cutter to trim them.
  • To keep you skin clean, wash your face every morning with a gentle soap. Use a good razor to shave and then wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked in toner. Moisturize your skin. And ensure to follow the same routine before going to bed. If you have acne, get them treated from a dermatologist. Clear skin implies good health; so stay clear.
  • Now coming to your dressing, always dress like cool guys. To get details about the clothing, check out the latest fashion magazines and channels where you'll get to know about the latest trends. However, the basic clothes like colored polo shirts, blue jeans, plain white and black t-shirts, blue blazers, lace-up shoes, white sneakers, etc. are always in vogue. Wear clothe that fits you well.
  • Watch out for your posture because a good posture will make you look confident. Stand up straight and keep your shoulders back.
To sum up, confidence is the key to attract girls. Keeping a healthy eye contact is also creditable, as it reflects your confidence. While trying to impress girls, don’t get into stupid things because most of the times, such things don’t work. Be what you're; don’t try to be replica of a super-hero. It's always good to be yourself. And yes, a sincere smile is a nice way to attract girls. A good sense of humor is another trait that girls usually want in a boy. Last but not the least, have a job because every girl likes to know that you are financially independent and can take care of her.

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