If you want to know what men find attractive in women, this article will prove to be really useful. The tips given here will help you know what attracts a man to a woman.

What Men Find Attractive In Women

It is a common belief that men get attracted to gorgeous-looking women. Agreed, the physical appearance of a person plays a vital role in the game of love, because looks are what attract a person in the first place. However, you should know that apart from the outer beauty, many aspects of a woman's personality are also considered by men, when it comes to judging her. If you want to know what men find attractive in women, this article is perfect for you. Go through the following lines and learn what attracts a man to a woman.
What Attracts A Man To A Woman 
  • Smile: Men are attracted to women with a beautiful smile. It is a gesture that could catch the attention of men, almost instantly.
  • Feminine Nature: Majority of the men prefer women who exude their feminine nature in every aspect of their personality, like being soft, delicate and kind hearted. However, you don't need to be overtly shy.
  • Voice: The soft voice of a woman, with a hint of teasing in it, is a turn on for men. However, you should know that those women who speak in too low a voice, which is barely audible to others, do not attract men.
  • Eyes: Eyes can speak a thousand words, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Talking about men, they would instantly fall in love with the attractive eyes of a woman. It is, perhaps, the first facial feature that men look for, when it comes to physical appearance of women.
  • Long Hair: Long hair is another feature that men appreciate in women. It symbolizes her feminity as well as beauty.
  • Skin Tone, Lips & Height: When it comes to physical appearance, the other aspects, which men find attractive in women, are her skin tone, lips, and height. Men would easily categorize women into the cute and pretty, sexy and seductive, average or below average, based on these features.
  • Slim: Not the 'zero size' though, most men in this present world get attracted to the slim-and-trim women, but with the right curves.
  • Sense Of Humor: A woman with a good sense of humor can catch the attention of men very easily. Even if she is not able to crack jokes instantly, she should at least understand the element of humor in a joke and laugh with them.
  • Down To Earth Quality: Men like women who have are down-to-earth and not too demanding. Arrogance is also something that men cannot tolerate in their female counterpart. Guys would try to stay away from girls who are overly stubborn and do not care to listen to others.
  • Strong Personality: Guys like simple girls, but with a strong personality. For them, a woman should be mentally strong, but not conceited. They would love to converse with a woman who is confident about herself.
  • Independent: According to men, a woman should be able to make her own decisions. In other words, she should not be dependent on others completely, when it comes to making the important decisions of her life.
  • Intelligence: Beauty with brains is something that most men look for, in women. In fact, intelligence is a trait that attracts them to a woman.
  • Honesty and Caring Nature: For men, romantic relationships are fulfilling only when their girl is honest as well as caring and considerate towards them. They expect her to be trustworthy and be able to bestow trust upon them as well.

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