Now there is no need to crack your brain even harder to find answers to the secrets of a woman’s liking. Read on further to learn about what attracts women.

What Attracts Women

What attracts women? This is a question of common discussion among the men folk. Each one tries to find a suitable answer to this question based on their understanding of women and their personal experiences. But, it’s a known fact that even after spending most of their life in figuring out this puzzle, men are still clueless to whatever it is that attracts women. All the intellectual logics and decoding formulas tried by men have not served as a key to the mysterious mind of their female counterparts. Whenever men sit down and think over this topic, the answers that they list down repeatedly are looks, money and power. These three components that define a success story might have little charming effect on women, but not much for them to become a fan of yours. The question that remains unanswered is what exactly it is that women search for in a man? This article tries to provide suitable answers to the question, what attracts women to men based on various surveys and research conducted on women.
What Attracts Women To Men 
  • Many research studies have proved the fact that an attractive body language is what women fall for. Women keep positive and confident body language above good looks and outspoken attitude. A good body posture revealing confidence is what attracts maximum women in men.
  • If you think that having a heavy bank balance will alone make women follow you, think once more. It is not the amount of money you have but how valuable you are to the society is what matters for women. A man who holds a respective status in the society and has the ability to take responsibilities will definitely become more attractive than others in the race.
  • Feeling depressed to have earned the name ‘nerd’ among your friend circle because of your knowledge about things? This name and the knowledge you possess can actually make you the favourite among women. Might sound shocking, but women find intelligence to be attractive and they hold it top in order when it comes to choosing a guy. Women feel that a smart guy will always make smart decisions and will be certain in life.
  • Here is a piece of bad news for guys who put in a lot of efforts and time to put up a good character and behaviour just to attract girls. Research shows that girls are not attracted towards ‘nice guys’. Most women find nice guys to be boring as compared to those who are funny and confident about themselves.
  • Holding up looks and fashion as baits to fetch your dream lady? Well it’s time to throw in new bait. Surveys show that women value personality more than good look. Women would like to have a man with a lovable personality, good sense of humour and confidence. Women are more into the character of a man and the way he behave around them than their looks.
  • Another unconventional finding about women shows that they are not attracted towards men with mild and calm personality and who are easy to control. Sounds strange but women are attracted towards uncontrollable men, men who do not follow or obey whatever women say at once. Therefore, men with little arrogance and ego have the possibility to win the race.
  • Women look in for the innate qualities or traits in men, the qualities that are not constrained by physical boundaries and limitations. It is this natural quality that attracts most women.
  • Energetic, joyful and honest personality is what women look in for. Men, who are energetic, are happy with their life and enjoy every moment they live, tend to attract women. People love to be with those who enjoy life; therefore if you are one among those who live life to the fullest, will surely find your dream lady sooner or later.

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