Reading people by their body language requires a person to have a little extra attentiveness and a keen observation. Read the article to know how to read people’s body language.

Reading People By Body Language

Human beings constantly exude signs and subtle examples of body language, at subconscious level. Body language describes the way people communicate with one another nonverbally, with the help of gestures, posture, facial expressions and actions. While some gestures are good, others are bad and can portray us in a bad light. A slight change in our eyes, face, hands and feet can speak a lot about our personality. By learning how to read and interpret body language, we can predict a person’s personality, his mood and thinking process. Read through the following lines to find tips that would guide you to read people’s body language.
How To Read People’s Body Language
Observe The Distance
The closer the people are to you, the warmer their opinions would be regarding you. The farther the person, the less concerned he/she is towards you. Move slightly closer to them and see their reaction. If they move away, they do not want the interaction to be any more personal. But if they do not move away, then they are receptive. And if they move closer to you, probably they like you.
Watch The Head Position
People who overtly tilt their heads are sympathetic, but if they smile while tilting their head, they could be playful and even flirtatious. A person with a lowered head shows that he is hiding something. In case the person does so after being complimented, he probably is shy, ashamed, timid or wants to keep distance from the other person and is thinking to himself. But if he lowers after an explanation, he is unsure of what he has just said. Cocked heads indicate that they are either confused or are challenging you. This depends on eye, eyebrow and mouth gestures.
Look Into Their Eyes
People who are nervous, lying or distracted often look to the sides a lot. Eyes directed towards the floor indicate shyness or fearfulness. Some cultures consider looking into the eyes of the other person as a sign of disrespect. People with diluted pupils indicate a sign of interest. However, drugs like alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA, LSD and others can also cause the pupils to dilate. Hence, do not mistake for having a few drinks down as attraction. Also, people diagnosed with mydriasis have permanently diluted eyes. It is advised not to zero down on a fact based on assumptions.
Check Their Arms
People who cross their arms indicate that they are closing themselves from social influence. However, some people are habitual to crossing their arms. This shows that they are reserved, uncomfortable with their weight or are just trying to hide something on their shirt. If you find a person with crossed arms with their feet at shoulder length or wider apart, then it is a sign of toughness or authority. If a person places his hands on his hips, he is either waiting or getting impatient.
Watch Their Feet
An impatient, excited, nervous, scared or intimidated person will tap, move or shift his foot faster. A person sitting with his feet crossed at his ankles indicates that he is at ease. A person purposely touching his feet to yours shows that he is flirting.
Nervous Gestures
A person brushing his hair back with his fingers shows that either he likes you or his thoughts are conflicting with yours. Raised eyebrows along with this sign are a sure-shot sign of disagreement. If a person is wearing glasses and he is constantly pushing them up to his nose along with a slight frown, it indicates that the person is disagreeing with whatever you are saying. A person with lowered brows and squinted eyes is trying to understand or comprehend what is being said around.  

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