Do you want to know how to let the girl of your dreams know you like her? If yes, then check out the article and explore the best ways of letting her know you like her.

How To Let Her Know You Like Her

If you have found the girl you have been always dreaming of and you are helplessly falling in love with her then the wisest thing to do at this point is to confess it to her and give a new direction to your equation. But if the girl intimidates you or your liking for her is overwhelming you then hold the confession because you do not want to come off as a needy lover and the chances are, with all that love and liking you are definitely going to scare her off at first. So, why not take it slow and drop some hints instead. Let her pick those clues; it will make you understand better what she actually feels about you and your liking for her. These hints are supposed to be subtle, slowly wooing her into a sweet spell of your charm. The problem with hinting strongly is that, if there is even a slightest chance that she is not all that into you then you will end up embarrassing yourself badly. Nobody wants to face rejection, therefore test the water beforehand and let her know little by little that you are into her. Once you are sure that she wants you equally, then you can come out in the open and tell her that you are crazy about her. Women generally do not like the kind of men who come out strongly to them. They are such delicate creatures that softness and being delicate with them is what they appreciate. Your consideration and slight hints will be much adored by the girl that you fancy and you will find her playing along with your set rules in no time. There is not an easy way to do this, you have to be more articulate and careful. Your love for her might be giving you restless nights but you do not want to put the same anxiety and pressure on her because that will scare her away. The way you will revel to her will make or break your chances with her. If you are still confused what to do with all that love you have got for her then let us guide you through it. In this article you will find ways of letting a girl know that you like her. 
Ways Of Letting A Girl Know That You Like Her
Friends First
Try to know her better. Do you jump to ‘I love you’ the first chance you get. If she does not know you that well then it will creep her out; she will refuse you even before giving you a fair chance. Try to be close to her in a friendly way first. Do not be sexual to her in any way otherwise she will feel that you are taking advantage of the situation with her. Hide your feelings for her and start with just good old friendship. This is a wonderful opportunity to know your love interest better. You can find out what her likes and dislikes are when you are her friend. But be careful with this friendship thing because you do not want to be ‘friend-zoned’ forever. If she will start feeling too comfortable with you as a friend then she will never see you as anything else. Retain your charm and charismatic persona even while you are playing friends-friends with her.
Loving Attention
Give all of your loving attention to her. Show her that you are dependable and she can rely on you. Women are emotional creatures; they only understand the language of feelings and expressions. When she needs you, be there for her. Make her think of you as her knight in shining armor. Give her solutions for her problems and lend her a helping hand whenever needed. Being proactively involved in her life will give you an edge over any other guy who is trying to hit on her at the same time as you. Be protective of her and in every tricky situation she will look for a shelter in your arms. This will make her realize on her own one day that you have all the qualities of becoming her boyfriend.
Especially For You
Make her feel special. Give her all the care and attention that she needs. A woman tries to assess a man before she falls for him. So be ready for any tricky situation that she will try to put you in just to see if you have it in you to be her man. Do not smooth talk with other women when you are around her. It is important that she sees that loyalty is one of your virtues. Pamper her even when she is being a bit unreasonable and make her feel like a princess. You can shower her with thoughtful gifts from time to time. This will certainly make her realize that you have feelings for her and seeing how loving you are to her, she will not be able to resist her feelings for you too.
Veiled Date
Take her out, may be on a fancy dinner but do not make it seem like a date. This dinner masquerading as a casual date will give her an idea into the future that she might have with you. Therefore, make sure that you are on your best behavior that day. Show her what it is like to be the special one in your life. Show her the real gentleman that you are. Pull out the chair for her, get the cheque at the end of the dinner, treat her like a lady, etc.; do not leave any stone unturned in making her feel like she is the one but do not confess it yet. Let her see it rather than hear it from you; it has the magic of its own.
All of this hiding and masquerading will leave you feeling impatient from time to time but do not give into it. You will only win her if you will do things at her pace rather than being impatient. She will come around if you have enough charm and force in your feelings for her but let her respectfully take her sweet time. If at any time, you feel like you are overwhelming her with your attention or care then turn it down a notch. She will be yours by the end of it.

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