Finding your soulmate is like fitting two pieces of a puzzle together to make the picture of your life complete. Read on to know how to know if someone is your soulmate.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate

You see him for the first time across the dance floor and your heart stands still, just to begin racing like a horse on the green. Your breath catches in your throat and liquid fire seems to shoot through your veins. He turns and looks toward you and starts walking in your direction. You stand rooted to the spot and wonder whether he could be your soulmate. And then – your heart plummets to your toes as he walks past you to the girl behind you, with that intense look of love that you would have longed for yourself. Well, he probably wasn’t your soulmate after all. Through the years, people have come up with different definitions as to what is a soulmate. While the beliefs that a soulmate is a lover from a previous life exist, the logical definition is that a soulmate is just your perfect partner. A soulmate can also be defined as a twin to your soul, someone with whom you feel the deep connection of true love. Finding your soulmate does not work like a jolt of instant love like lightening that comes out of the blue, as is portrayed in movies. It could even take years for you to find out whether a person is your soulmate or not. Therefore, you need to know what to look for in a person to find out whether he/ she is the one. 
Ways To Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate 
Are You Comfortable With Them 
When you are with your soulmate, you will feel comfortable and not nervous or worried about being yourself. You will find that you do not have to be someone you are not, just in order to impress them. It will feel like you have been together for a long time and as if you have known and loved the person for years before you actually did.
Do You Like The Same Things 
While you will not have a great heavenly arrow pointing at the other person and identifying him/ her as your soulmate, there might be other clues to look for. One clue is about your likes and dislikes. Similar interests are an indication of soulmates. This does not mean that if both of you like cheese burgers, you are soulmates. However, if there are bigger likes and dislikes that you share in common, this is a big indicator that you are made for each other. 
Can You Share Your Deepest Secrets With Them 
Trust is one of the building blocks of a relationship and, unfortunately, is something that most couples face a problem with. While it is possible to love a person intensely, it is not always possible to trust that person completely. With your soulmate, you will find that you can share your deepest secrets without a qualm. You will also find that you feel that you can tell them anything – your dreams, your desires, hopes, and everything else. While this is blind trust, you will find that this trust is one that comes deep within your heart. If you find that you can trust completely, then this is a good candidate for being your soulmate.

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